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Holi Party Pack

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Ideally, if you are going to organise any type of holi event: a race, a music festival, a battle of colours, there are different options to adapt to the number of guests so that there is nothing missing in your party of colours.


Packs for Holi Parties 

These are the packs that we have created so that everything is easier and you don’t have to worry about a single thing: 

- FOR 50 PEOPLE: It includes 50 sachets of 100 grams and 50 glasses. 

- FOR 125 PEOPLE: It includes 125 sachets of 100 grams and 125 glasses.

- FOR 200 PEOPLE: It includes 200 sachets of 100 grams and 200 glasses. This pack includes as a gift 1 Holi Powder cannon of 30 cm.  

- FOR 300 PEOPLE: It includes 300 sachets of 100 grams and 300 glasses. As a gift, this pack includes 2 Holi Powder Cannons of 30 cm.  

- FOR 500 PEOPLE: It includes 500 sachets of 100 grams and 500 glasses. As a gift, this pack includes 1 4 kg Holi Powder extinguisher. 

- FOR 1000 PEOPLE: It includes 1000 sachets of 100 grams and 1000 glasses. As a gift, this pack includes 2 4 kg Holi Powder extinguishers. 

- FOR 2000 PEOPLE: It includes 2000 sachets of 100 grams and 2000 glasses. As a gift, this pack includes 2 4 kg Holi Powder extinguishers.


Where does the tren of the Holi Powders come from?  

The Holi Powders are used in many regions of Nepal and India to celebrate a festival of religious origin known as the spring festival. To welcome this season, the first day of spring they make a bonfire which serves to leave behind all the bad things and welcomes the new beginning. The second day is when the streets fill with colours. 

The attendees of this event, also known as party of the love or colour festival, throw Holi Powders to each other giving rise to a magic moment full of happiness and fun. 

However, this party has transcended borders and now the Holi Powders are used in all kinds of celebrations. They are the perfect option to organise a more original race, so that the guests of a music festival enjoy it to the fullest or to make a battle between friends where there is only room for fun. 


What are Holi Powders made from?

Our Holi Powders are of premium quality. They are made out of corn flour and food colouring and therefore are 100% natural. In addition, they have all the necessary health certificates and the SGS certificate which accredits their provenance and composition. They are biodegradable and are kind to the environment.  

If you are thinking about planning a holi party you don’t have to worry about anything because the Holi Powders are suitable for everyone, even the youngest ones. They can be used by gluten intolerant people, people who suffer from some type of allergy and, even, people with asthmatic pathologies. Nevertheless, if you have respiratory problems, we recommend you use a mask because the particles of the Holi Powders are extremely fine. 

What does the holi party pack include?

These personalised packs contain various amounts of Holi Powders of 100 grams. The sachets are available in 5 colours: Pink, red, blue, yellow and green.  

How do I calculate the number of sachets I am going to need? We recommend that at least each person uses two or three sachets of Holi Powders, although ideally each person should have five sachets so that everybody can enjoy the colour shower.   

Each pack includes sunglasses for Holi Powders. With them the participants will feel completely safe, because on the top part of the frame they will have a visor that prevents the powders from obstructing their vision. The visor is removable and is available in five colours: blue, red, pink, yellow or orange. These sunglasses will also protect them from the sun as they have a UV400 filter and have the CE sign, conforming to the EU EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 standard of UV Protection.  

Moreover, they are the ideal accessory if you are going to organise a night event and you are thinking about using Neon Holi Powders.  

To complete this pack, we have included t-shirts. They are white so that the colours stand out much more and the effect is much more striking. 


How to release the Holi Powders

The guests can throw the Holi Powders into the air, but it is much more fun if they use the Holi Powder pots. These pots are really practical and have a capacity of 100 grams of powders. They are available in seven colours and can be filled over and over again.  

However, we also have other products with which the Holi Powders can be launched instantly. In the 200 people packs we include as a gift a Holi Powder cannon of 30 cm and in the 300 people pack two cannons of 30 cm. They are available in different colours (red, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange and white), and with them the Holi Powders can be launched to a distance of between six and eight meters. They are the perfect option to achieve a better result when creating a rain of colours.  

From 500 people, the packs include at least one Holi Powder extinguisher as a gift. We include this because we think that for these types of events to which more people attend, the result must be spectacular. 

Like other products, the extinguishers are available in seven different colours and you don’t have to worry about their mechanism as they function as a traditional extinguisher. The best about this product is that it launches the Holi Powders up to a distance of 8 meters, filling the sky with colour clouds that won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

Do you want your party to be remembered and that the guests want to repeat the experience? Get more than one extinguisher and the visual effect will dazzling. 


Where can I buy everything I need for a Holi party? 

You can buy our products through our website. Orders arrive in 24 hours to Spain and if your order exceeds 50€ the shipping costs will be free (click here for more info about worldwide shipping). 

If you wish to, you can also come into our store, as Luminosos Fluorescentes has the only physical store specialised in luminous products. There you will be able to check the quality of our products, both of those included in the pack and others such as the glowing bracelets which may be ideal for your party. Our opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. It is the best way for you to enjoy a tailored service and so that we can advice you about everything you need when organising any type of event. 

If you have any doubt or you are looking for advice, do not hesitate in contacting us by calling at 912 797 586 or by sending an e-mail to 

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