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Fluorescent Sticks Pack 20x400

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Did you know that these gigantic glow products are used by divers to be visible during their dives? With the 20x400mm glow sticks you will have much more luminosity. Use them in your events. The resulting effect will amaze all participants.


Characteristics of the 20x400mm glow sticks

These glow sticks are the largest of the glow stick family. They are like the glow bracelets but of a much larger dimension. They are very big and shine so much that everyone will want one as soon as they see them. Move the XXXL Glow Stick around and you will see an incredible beam of light.

Their size is of 40cm long x 2cm wide.

They are available in various colours in our catalogue: green, red, orange, yellow, pink and blue. They will light up your party with their maximum intensity for more than 12 hours. They usually last more than this, although their brightness will gradually decrease until they turn off completely.

Instructions of use of the 20x400mm glow sticks

Using them is really simple. When you want to start using these giant glow sticks, you just have to fold them in half until you hear a click. Repeat the process along the entire glow stick for a correct activation. Take the stick by one end and shake it several times until the two liquids inside mix completely. This mixture will cause the 20x400mm sticks to start to glow brightly.

Suggestions and recommendations

Remember that it is very important to keep this product in the original packaging or wrapping until use. In this way, if something goes wrong, you can easily exchange the product.

Pay special attention that the XXXL glow bars do not suffer falls or rough treatment, since this would cause their activation and the illumination time would start at the moment.

At Luminosos Fluorescentes we recommend that you do not expose this glow product to the sun or to high temperatures for a long time. They can become damaged or totally or partially lose their fluorescent qualities.

Events with the 20x400mm glow sticks

Use these glow sticks to brighten your events. You can use them as torches, lanterns or as the centre of illuminaton. Remember that it is more interesting to combine various glow products at events to get more light effects and more fun. These giant fluorescent sticks go perfectly with three three-colour glow sticks or the three-colour glow bracelets.

Where can I buy the 20x400mm glow sticks?

Our physical store is the only one in Spain specialized in glow products for events. Visit us in Calle Galería de Robles nº 5, from 10 am to 7 pm. You will find the best prices on the market!

Choose the right quantity for your party and order the 20x400mm glow sticks from anywhere in Spain through our website, for only € 6.99. The order will be at your address in 24 hours. 

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