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Helium cylinders are perfect to inflate balloons in less time. Get one of these helium bottles to make the balloons float and improve the decoration of your party or event.

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Characteristics of helium cylinders

The 23 cm size balloons float for 6-8 hours, and the 30.5 cm balloons float between 12 and 14 hours. Foil balloons last about a week. In the case of LED balloons, because they have a greater weight, they stay in the air between 2 and 4 hours.

Variety of helium cylinders

Our cylinders come in several sizes. Some have a capacity of 0.25 m3 with which you can inflate approximately 30 latex balloons. These helium cylinders are ideal for parties in smaller spaces.

If your party is bigger and you want to inflate more balloons, we offer you a helium cylinder with a capacity of 0.42 m3 that allows you to inflate around 50 balloons.

How are the helium cylinders used?

It is recommended to read the instructions that you can find inside the box before using the helium cylinder.

For a proper performance of the cylinder, follow these four guidelines:

1. Insert the balloon into the mouth of the bottle, holding it with one hand so that it does not shoot out when inflated.

2. Clockwise, turn the hand up to four times to open the helium outlet.

3. When the balloon is inflated, separate it from the mouth of the bottle. It is important not to forget to close the mouth so that no helium is wasted.

4. Tie the balloon with a knot. You can decorate it with a ribbon. Don't let go of it if you don't want it to fly off.

Recommendations and warnings

It is recommended to keep this product out of the reach of children. It is advised not to use it in closed spaces. Do not inhale the helium. Do not expose the cylinder directly to a source of heat as this could damage the operation of the device. Be careful not to hit the cylinder or drop it. Cylinders cannot be recharged.

Where can I buy helium cylinders?

Buy your helium cylinders in our online store. Shipments arrive in 24 hours at a cost of € 6.99, to any part Spain. If you make a purchase over € 50 you have free shipping. Click here for information on worldwide shipping.

If you want to stop by to see us and learn about the variety of products we offer, our physical store is located in Malasaña, in Calle Galería de los Robles, 5.

The store’s opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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