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If you want to complete your look with a more glow touch, what are you waiting for to join one of the latest trends? Wearing coloured hair is really in right now, which is why we have these hair products that will help you not go unnoticed.

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How do you use fluorescent hair products?

Hair products are quick and easy to use. The UV color hair spray is available in seven colours: pink, green, yellow, red, purple, blue and white. You just have to spread the spray on those strands you want to colour or all over your hair. You can use a single colour or mix several to get a more striking look.

Neon colours are becoming more and more fashionable and that is why with this dye you will get that glow effect you are looking for. Your hair will glow brightly in the dark and when in contact with ultraviolet light, making you the center of attention.

Another quick fix is ​​the glow-in-the-dark paint for highlights or the neon gel for strands. Both are also really quick and easy to use since their texture makes them very easy to apply. They are available in eight colours (pink, purple, blue, red, orange, green, yellow and white) and they also glow under UV light.

How can I remove them from my hair?

These products are easily removed, you just have to wash your hair to remove them. If after a first wash there is still colour remaining, you should repeat the process but, don't worry, because normally the colours disappear the first time. In addition, unlike permanent dyes, this type of product does not contain ammonia so they are respectful with your hair.

Follow the #glowinthedarkhair trend

In recent years this trend has become very popular and social networks are filled with photos with the hashtag #glowinthedarkhair. The person in charge of making this striking trend fashionable was the prestigious stylist from Los Angeles, Guy Tang, who loves to create fun hair fantasies.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Arianna Grande or Chiara Ferragni have dared to wear coloured hair before. If you want to get on board the latest trend and surprise everyone with your look, do not hesitate to use this type of product. Imagine the face of your friends when they see how your hair glows in the dark.

If you are not so daring, you can take advantage of a special occasion to fill your hair with colours. Carnival or a Glow Party can be the perfect excuse to wear fluorescent hair.

Buy glow products for parties

If you are going to a glow party you can find these fluorescent hair products and other glow items in our store. Make your look perfect with accessories such as the glow bracelets, the neon face paints or the LED products by buying them through our website. You will receive your order in 24 hours but, if you wish, you can also visit our store. It is located in Calle Galería de Robles, 5, in Madrid's Malasaña neighbourhood and, there, you can check the quality of our products and receive personalized attention.


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