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Are glow bracelets toxic? Characteristics and composition

Is a fluorescent stick toxic?

Fluorescent sticks and sticks are non-toxic and work through a chemical reaction similar to that of fireflies. Tubular and plastic fluorescent sticks and bars contain chemicals that create bright, safe light.

Chemical reaction

The fluorescent sticks and sticks contain phenyl oxalate and a fluorescent dye that surrounds a glass ampoule filled with dilute hydrogen peroxide. When the plastic light stick or stick is bent, the vial breaks and the chemicals mix, creating the bright light.


Fluorescent sticks and sticks are non-toxic and safe. They do not produce heat, sparks or flames and are safe to use near flammable liquids and gases or around fuel leaks. In addition, they are versatile, waterproof, and work well in high or low temperatures.


1- If swallowed:

- Don't be alarmed if your lips and tongue glow for a few minutes.
- Clean the mouth with a damp cloth / towel / rag. Emphasize the tongue and gums.
- Drink a glass of water.

2- If there is contact with the eyes:

- Wash the eye or eyes with plenty of water at room temperature for about 10 minutes.
– Go to the nearest hospital if irritation, inflammation, pain or sensitivity to light persists.


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