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Electric Metallic Confetti Cannon

Electric metallic confetti cannons are a very fun type of product, which is increasingly in demand. These cannons are filled with metallic confetti, which will shine giving a touch of elegance. Choose the confetti cannons that interest you the most.

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Types of electric metallic confetti cannons

There are various types of electric metallic confetti cannons, starting with size, since we have these cannons available in 3 different sizes: 30 cm, 50 cm and 80 cm. We also have confetti of various shapes and colors that will add shine to your parties. Metallic confetti cannons are available in these formats:

- Metallic confetti cannon with round shape: it is a confetti cannon
that will look spectacular at your party and that will have a very important impact on it is our round-shaped metallic confetti cannon, the result will be sublime.

- Metallic star confetti cannon: the metallic star confetti is perfect for Christmas dinners, its shine and shape will emulate shooting stars and will look spectacular.

- Metallic confetti cannon for weddings: make your wedding shine with its own light thanks to our metallic confetti, it will look spectacular.

- Metallic heart-shaped confetti cannon: The metallic heart-shaped confetti cannon is spectacular for parties related to couple anniversaries and also for weddings.

How to use electric metallic confetti cannons?

The use of electric metallic confetti cannons is perfect for any place, both closed and open spaces will be perfectly decorated with the effect of this magnificent metallic confetti. People will be amazed by the authentic and elegant effect that this magnificent metallic confetti will give, everyone will want to repeat.
The use of this confetti cannon is simple, you will simply have to rotate the lower part, while the upper part points upwards, then you will be able to enjoy this spectacular effect, the cannon will send the confetti into the air.

Advantages of electric metallic confetti cannons

Electric metallic confetti cannons have several features that make them unique. These are the advantages that they will give you compared to other confetti:
- They are confetti with a special shine, this metallic will give elegance to the events in which you use them.
- They adapt great to indoor events, although they are also widely used outdoors, although they will always have to be collected later because they are not biodegradable.
- It is the best confetti for celebrations like Christmas, its shine will remind you of the stars.

Where to buy metallic confetti?

You can buy the electric metallic confetti cannons on the Luminosos Fluorescentes page. Another option to get our electric cannons is to go to our physical store in Malasaña in Madrid, on Calle Galería de Robles, Nº5. Our hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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