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Fluorescent: the Best Glowing Party Supplies

Fluorescent products are the perfect accessories for organizing a glow party. These parties originally came from the United States, so it is no coincidence that people buy glow products with the aim of being the kings of the party. Thanks to fluorescent products you will achieve an event full of colour and good vibes. The perfect combination!

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What are the fluorescent products?

Fluorescent products are generally made up of plastic parts, which contain substances such as hydrogen peroxide, a phenyl oxalate ether and a fluorescent dye responsible for giving them the desired colour. When the sticks are bent, the capsule inside them breaks and when the liquids mix, they give off a luminous effect for hours called chemiluminescence. Thanks to the different connectors and the frames, you will be able to create the different fluorescent items.

The widest variety of fluorescent products and accessories

On our website you will find a large catalogue of fluorescent products for parties. On the one hand, you will find items that will serve as accessories for the people who come to the event. On the other hand, another type of fluorescent products are those that serve as decoration in celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, night parties, events in nightclubs, etc.

So that everyone has access to a glow party, our prices are the cheapest on the market. There is no excuse! This does not affect the quality, since everything we have in our catalogue is of a premium quality and ensures the maximum possible hours at maximum brightness. 

What kind of fluorescent items can you find?

Thanks to the fluorescent sticks and the different connectors you can create fluorescent bracelets, necklaces and fluorescent headbands or glow glasses with different formats, such as the aviator, heart or skull glasses. You also have fluorescent pendants or rings, which do not need to be assembled previously.

If you prefer items to decorate the venue of your event, you can opt for products such as fluorescent plastic glasses, stirrers, glow champagne glasses, or even fluorescent fabrics and torches.

Innovative ideas with fluorescent products

Thanks to the glow bracelets, various accessories can be made to decorate events. You have the possibility of joining them and forming chains that can be hung on the walls of the premises, like garlands. You can also create fluorescent lanterns with different shapes, by putting the glow sticks inside different objects like clear glass bottles, to illuminate your events at night.

Are glow products toxic?

There are glow products of different qualities. We pay special attention to marketing exclusively those of a premium quality range. This means that they are not flammable, much less toxic, making them suitable for all audiences. They are used both indoors and outdoors, and can be used in water as they are submersible.

Buy fluorescent party products

Buy different fluorescent products through our e-commerce from anywhere in Spain. The shipping cost is only € 6.99 and the order arrives in 24 hours, if you order it before 5:00 p.m. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

You will find our physical store in the center of Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles 5, which is specialized in both fluorescent and glow products for parties. Come by between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, and take all the products you want instantly. Contact us for more information!


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