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In Luminosos Fluorescentes you can find a large catalog of products for birthday parties and anniversaries. With these products, you will have everything you need both to organize a different adult birthday as well as a children's party.

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Luminous bracelets

A classic in our party supply store are glow bracelets. Shake them to mix the liquids and begin to light up. The cheapest glow bracelets on the market. Don't be fooled, not all fluorescent bracelets are of our quality!

Luminous accessories for photocall

We all love taking photos at the photocall. It is very fashionable to make a photocall on the birthday, and if we do it with luminous items it is much more original.

Luminous glasses, fluorescent headbands, fluoride pendants. And many other accessories that we have you can use in your photocall.

Birthday candles and cake sparklers

We have several types of candles and sparklers that are very cool.

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday and you want to make it a fluorine theme, you can use fluorescent number candles.

You can also choose between different sparklers, such as pastel number sparklers or classic sparklers, which are the typical ones sold at Christmas in the Plaza Mayor. You can also use pastel bottle sparklers, which are the typical sparklers used in nightclubs.

Happy birthday fluorescent garland

The fluorescent happy birthday garland is made of cardboard and printed with fluorescent colors that make it glow in the dark with ultraviolet light. You can complement it with some decorative fringes.

LED foam sticks

The LED foam stick is another product that always wins. Anyone who has ever used it repeats. It is ideal to liven up any birthday party. They have an ON / OFF button so you can turn it on and off whenever you want and 3 lighting modes: fast flashing, slow flashing and steady light.

Confetti and confetti cannons

A good celebration always needs fully loaded confetti cannons for an adrenaline rush when thrown into the air and a sense of relaxation as they fall with that slow fall. You can choose between different types of confetti and confetti cannons the one that best suits you.

LED Robot Rental and Special Effects Machines

If you have a bigger budget and want to have a good atmosphere at your birthday party, we recommend the LED robot with a Megatron gun, the Antari ICE-101 low smoke machine or the electric confetti machine.


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