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Bubble Machines

In the catalogue of Luminosos Fluorescentes you will find different bubbles machines to enjoy the best visual effects. We offer you machines which are really easy to carry around and that can be placed effortlessly in the most strategic locations of the premises. Use them in events as diverse as nightclub parties, private parties, theatre shows, etc.

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What device do I choose?

In this section you will find different machines that create bubbles. Next, we will highlight some characteristics of each of them. If you want to get more information, go to the file of each product.

S bubbles machines

It is a small and versatile machine with which you will achieve a very attractive effect. It has a 1 litre tank, which lasts approximately 2 hours, and a weight of 1.5 kg. This allows you to use it at any of your parties. It is very easy to use. Fill your tank with the corresponding liquid, without spilling any or overflowing, turn on the machine and enjoy its effects!

B200 bubble machine

This is a larger bubble machine than the previous one. Although it is more robust, it can still be carried around in order to use it in different events and place it in different places. It has a total weight of 12 kg and a 2-litre tank, which will approximately last for 40 minutes straight. You can easily recharge it and use it for long periods of time. This machine will generate a bigger stream of bubbles in a large number of events.

Antari AF-3XR fan

For any of the above models, you can use the Antari AF-3XR fan to disperse the bubbles even more. This accessory can also be used in conjunction with smoke machines to enhance their effect. Its measurements are 33 cm wide and 37 cm high, with a weight of 6.3 kg.

What other effects can you add to your event?

Bubbles are a very surprising and fun visual effect. Use it to cheer up your events and to add more spectacularity to your videos or photographs. We remind you that another of the most sought-after effects by event organizers are those achieved with the various confetti machines. Depending on the confetti model you choose, you will be able to use it in any event you can think of, such as at weddings, New Year's Eve parties, birthdays, Halloween parties, etc.

And on of our star products, which should not be missing in your celebrations, is the LED megatron robot. Our professionals will cheer up your events with their lively dances in an LED robot suit and CO2 shots.

Where can I buy the bubbles machines?

Order the model of bubbles machines you want, and we will send it to you anywhere in Spain for € 6.99, except if you exceed the amount of € 50. In the latter case, these will be totally free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

You also have the option of picking up the order in person from our physical store. We are located in Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles, 5. Come from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 7 pm. For any other questions, please contact us.


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