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Beer Pong Packs

To play the game of Beer Pong, it is necessary to have the basic pack. This pack includes a Beer Pong table, Beer Pong cups and Beer Pong balls.

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Characteristics of Beer Pong Packs

In this category you will be able to find a lot of different packs, for all of you who want to enter the Beer Pong world. What originally started as a drinking game with friends has become more than that. It is a game with rules, with official and approved elements, and which even has its own league.

Those of you who have started to play or just want to buy a Beer Pong pack to play with your friends, at Luminosos Fluorescentes you can buy everything you need in a pack. We offer you Beer Pong tables and red cups and Beer Pong balls for free. The best way to save money when buying a Beer Pong table is to buy it all together.

Beer Pong table packs with cups and balls for free

If what you are looking for are Beer Pong tables, this is your place. You can buy the Beer Pong tables with incredible offers.

We have sales on Beer Pong tables all year round. You can get the Beer Pong table in different packs: buy the Beer Pong table alone, the table plus red cups, and the table plus fluorescent cups, and in all cases with Beer Pong balls as a gift.

Beer cups packs on sale

We offer you Beer Pong cups, which are the typical American red cups. In addition to using them for Beer Pong, you can also use them for all kinds of parties.

We have created a lot of different packs of cups with all these possibilities in mind. Packs of 21 cups for drinking games and a Beer Pong ball, packs of 12 units of red cups, packs for those big parties which include 100 American cups… And always at the best price on the market!

Store in Madrid to buy the beer pong game

Buy the Beer Pong items from our online store. If you are in Spain, orders arrive in 24 hours, for € 6.99. If your order exceeds € 150, shipping is free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

We have a store in Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles, n.5, in case you want to come and buy the Beer Pong tables, the Beer Pong cups and the Beer Pong balls. 

Come visit us to our store and discover our broad catalogue of products in person.


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