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Gender Reveal Parties are celebrations that take place during pregnancy and their main objective is to announce the gender of the future member of the family. These events have become more and more popular and are now an authentic trend. Therefore, from Luminosos Fluorescentes we want to encourage you to organise the best Gender Reveal Party with the new products and creative ideas we propose you.

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How does the Gender Reveal work?

As we said before, the Gender Reveal is a celebration or a meeting with family and friends in which the news of whether the expected baby will be a boy or a girl are shared in a creative way. This news can be shared by the future parents to their loved ones or they can also be surprised by the news themselves.

The suspense and surprise that this moment brings, along with some creative and fun ideas, will serve to create a magical moment.


How do you plan a gender reveal party?

If you want to announce the gender of your next baby in a different and fun way, here are the basic steps to do so.

- Pick a date and invite your family and closest friends. You can create paper invitations or even send them online.

- Schedule an ultrasound which will take place between the 18-20 weeks of the pregnancy to see if you will have a boy or a girl. The doctor can write the baby's gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope.

- Decide who is going to deliver the big news. Sometimes it is the parents themselves who will reveal the news to family or friends, but they can also be the ones who are surprised.

- The person in charge of giving the news will be in charge of organizing a large part of the party. To be able to do it in an original way, you will have to choose several objects of a neutral colour, such as cakes, balloons or even cannons, which will be filled with products such as confetti or Holi powders, in pink or blue colour.

- Record the moment to have a nice memory of it and capture the face expressions of all the guests.


Ideas and decorations for the Gender Reveal parties

There are several fun ways to do your gender reveal. Some choose cakes that have a blue or pink filling inside. Others go for balloons filled with confetti that when exploded reveal the gender of the baby by generating either a pink or blue confetti rain. In our catalogue you can find the Gender Reveal balloon.

You can also go for other innovative options, such as the cannons filled with Holi powder, which you can activate manually, or the different balls that when hit will create an explosion of colour.

Another option is to create games for the guests to guess the gender of the baby. Get the guests into "boy" or "girl" teams, depending on what they believe the baby will be. Give them a Gender Reveal sticker to differentiate the teams and the winning team will get a gift.


Where can I buy items related to Gender Reveal?

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