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Empty Cannons to Fill with Confetti and Streamers

Are you looking to bring great spectacularity to your next parties and events? You have reached the right place. In Luminosos Fluorescentes we recommend the cannons to fill. Choose from various types of consumables to achieve stunning visual results that will amaze all your guests.

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Wide variety of launchers to fill

The refill cannons are manual or electric launchers that come empty and can be filled with different consumables, such as confetti or streamers, among others.
Both manual and electric cannons are available in various sizes: the smallest 30 cm, the medium 50 cm and the largest 80 cm. Each of them may contain a smaller or larger amount of consumable depending on their size. The force and distance the consumable will be fired also depends on the size of the barrel.
If you do not have your own consumable, on our website you have a wide variety of types of confetti and streamers so that you can fill the launchers yourself.

Operation of the manual and electric empty cannons

In the case of manual cannons, you do not need any external element to make them work. At the top they have a plastic lid that you must remove to introduce the confetti or streamers. Next, you need to put the lid back on. In the lower part, it has a cylinder of compressed air, which when rotated will cause the launch of the consumable.
On the other hand, although the appearance of the electric cannons is very similar to the previous ones, they have a cable that you must connect to an electric confetti machine so that the shot can be made. You will not be able to activate them manually.

Precautions when using confetti and streamer cannons

The shots you will get with these cannons, both manual and electric, will reach distances between 5 and 10 meters high, depending on the size of the launcher. Therefore, you must make sure that your premises have a minimum height, otherwise the visual effect will be truncated. Make sure not to point it directly at people, as the consumable inside will come out with a lot of pressure and can cause damage. For safe storage, avoid heat sources and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Models of cannons filled with confetti and streamers

In our catalogue, in addition to the cannons to fill, you also have different models of cannons already pre-loaded with confetti or with streamers. You can choose the shapes and colors of the consumable, and even their material. Some of the most demanded models are the manual ecological confetti cannons, the manual metallic hearts confetti cannons and the electric paper streamer cannons.

Where to buy the cannons to fill?

Make your order through our website and we will send you the cannons to fill anywhere in Spain, for only €6.99. Shipments are usually made in 24-48 hours. We also ship to Portugal, France and Italy. Check shipping time to different countries at the bottom of our website (SHIPMENTS AND DELIVERY TIMES).
We also have a physical store in the center of Madrid, on Calle Galería de Robles, No. 5. Our hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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