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Baby Showers are parties to celebrate the arrival of the baby, and they are becoming more and more popular. For this reason, Luminosos Fluorescentes brings you these products and some creative ideas to incorporate to a Baby Shower.

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What is a Baby Shower? Is it the same as a Gender Reveal?

A Baby Shower is an event that celebrates the arrival of a baby, in which gifts are given to the parents.

In the old days, what was traditionally done at these parties, and which were only celebrated with the family, was for women to share the wisdom and lessons about becoming a mother.

Over time all this has changed a lot and the event has now become a full-blown party. Many aspects of the original Baby Shower are still respected but many others have been added, for example the Gender Reveal.

The Gender Reveal is the Sex Reveal party. It involves revealing the gender of the baby that is about to arrive to all the guests at the party.

The parents generally do not know the gender of their baby until then. Usually, a family member or a very close friend is the only one who knows the gender and is in charge of organizing everything.

In the Baby Shower party, pink and blue decoration is usually used, pink to make reference to the female gender and blue to make reference to the male gender. We have many products for you to decorate the Baby Shower

Baby Shower Balloons

It is a giant balloon of about 90 cm in diameter, about 36 inches. It is made of high quality black latex. You can choose to buy the giant black balloon either with fringes or not, and choose whether you want the blue or pink gender reveal confetti. If you are not sure yet about the sex of the baby, you can ask us to send you the two colours.

Our Baby Shower balloon can be inflated with helium gas or with normal air. If you want the balloon to float, we suggest the helium bottle.

Colour smoke cannons for the Gender Reveal

Buying Holi Powders for the gender reveal has already become a classic. It is a nice way to announce the sex of the baby. What is this colour smoke? Its composition is as simple as it is natural. It is made of cornstarch with food colouring. 100% natural and biodegradable. You can use it with the Holi Powder cannons, throw them with your hands, put them into the pipe of your motorcycle or skid with your car over them. It will be a very original way of revealing the gender of the baby.

If what you are looking for are colour smoke sparklers, you should know that this product is within the branch of pyrotechnics in the f2 branch. This category of products can only be stored and therefore sold in authorized premises and with permission to do so, with very strict security measures. Usually, these stores are located on the outskirts of cities.

These products cannot be marketed online and sent via transport services. It is strictly prohibited by law with fines starting from € 3,000. Be careful with buying them online.

If you want an alternative option, we suggest the Gender Reveal colour smoke cannons.

Baby Shower decoration balloons 

Transparent balloons with pink or blue motifs. Made of high quality latex. These balloons can be inflated with helium gas or normal air.

Gender reveal stickers

Stickers with a diameter of 4 cm to decorate your gifts in an original way or to use them to separate the guests into teams of people who think it will be a boy and those who think it will be a girl.


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