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What clothes do I wear at an event with Holi Powder?
Although in most cases there will be no problem when it comes to washing clothes and removing colored powders, it would be better not to use your favorite clothes or your best clothes. Some colors may come off after several washes. In Luminous Fluorescent we suggest you opt for white clothes, or always light shades, so that the intense colors of the Holi Powders stand out more.
Are Holi Powders suitable for coeliacs?
The Holi colored powders are 100% natural, made with corn flour and food coloring. Therefore, they will not cause allergies, they are biodegradable, harmless to humans and environmentally friendly.
Are Holi Powders dangerous? What happens if they get into the eyes or mouth?
Holi Powders are harmless to people and the environment. They won't cause any serious problems if they get into the eyes or mouth, let alone allergies. If you want to avoid discomfort, wear protective glasses and a mask or handkerchief in your mouth. Has dust entered a conflict zone? You just have to wash the area with plenty of water until it is clean of dust.
What are Holi Powders made of?
Holi Powders are made with 100% natural ingredients, such as corn flour and food coloring. All of our colored powders are fully certified and safe for both people and the environment.
How are Holi Powders used?
Holi Powders come ready to use. Depending on the format you have chosen, you will have to follow one mode of use or another. You can find the instructions in the description of each product. With the 100 gram sachets you just have to open them and throw them into the air. In the case of cannons, you will have to remove the protection cap, aim and rotate the base of the tube to fire. We recommend not aiming directly at a person and hold the barrel firmly at launch.
What is the best way to clean Holi Powders?
They are usually very easily removed from clothing, just like other natural products. Even so, we recommend that you use old, white clothes, in case some colors come out after several washes. It is advisable to let the clothes soak for 48 hours with soap or bleach.
Do Holi Powders dye your hair?
Holi Powders will be easily removed from hair, in most cases, and no trace of the color will remain. We only have to warn the girls with dyed blonde hair, if it is damaged, some particles could remain in that part of the hair. Therefore, it is advisable to wash it with a deep cleansing shampoo and condition it with olive oil or a good conditioner.
How much Holi Powder do I need for my event?
If you want all the participants to have fun and have a good time, from Luminosos Fluorescentes we recommend at least 3 or 4 sachets of 100 grams per person. It will also be fun to add a star product, such as cannons or colored powder extinguishers, to liven up the event. Keep in mind that the bigger the event, the more colored powder you will need.
Do holi powders have an expiration date?
The colored powders do not have an expiration date in any of their formats. Keep in mind that in some of them, as is the case with bags of several kilos, you will have to shake them before opening them to make the product inside spread out correctly. Storage may become compacted and ineffective at launch. By moving the container a little, you will end this problem.


Are glow bracelets toxic?
Although the chemical inside is not toxic, it can cause redness and irritation. If by accident one of the luminous bracelets breaks and your body comes into contact with the liquid inside, it is not necessary to go to the health center. It is advisable to wash with plenty of water and, of course, do not ingest the liquid.
What are fluorescent products made of?
Fluorescent products contain two different substances inside. On the one hand, the hydrogen peroxide, or activator of the bar, and on the other hand, the senile oxalate ester, which is the substance that gives the product its color. Inside the plastic bars is the first substance and inside it, in a fine glass capsule, we will find the second substance. When bending the bars, the capsule will break and the liquids will mix, resulting in an intense shine.
How long does the lighting of fluorescent products last? What happens if the fluorescent products break?
In the case of our fluorescent products, which are of Premium quality, you can enjoy up to 12 hours of maximum brightness. After this amount, they will be able to last even longer, but at a lower intensity. If any of the products break, don't panic. Wash the area with plenty of water and in no case drink the liquid. These products are not toxic, but contact with the liquid inside may cause redness.
What happens if fluorescent liquid gets into my eyes, nose, or mouth? Do fluorescent products have an expiration date?
Please note that fluorescent products are not toxic or flammable. If in any case, a fluorescent stick breaks and the liquid inside it comes into contact with your eyes, nose or mouth, clean the area with a copious amount of water. Under no circumstances do you ingest the liquid inside. Fluorescent products do not have an expiration date. As long as you do not activate the fluorescent bars, the duration of their illumination will not start. Keep them in a safe place, where they will not suffer blows, and you can use them at any other time.


How long does the lighting of LED products last?
All our products are of Premium quality, so you can enjoy several hours of lighting. This depends on each product, due to the type of cell or battery it uses. It is also relevant if the product has an ON / OFF button with which you can turn on the product only when you need it and enjoy a longer duration of lighting. Check the data sheet of each product for more detailed information.


Are shipments made to the Canary Islands?
From Luminosos Fluorescentes we make shipments to the entire peninsula and also to the Canary Islands. In the latter case, we will need to quote the shipment, so you will have to contact our team by phone 678 992 464 or from the email address We will be happy to clarify all possible questions and doubts.
From what quantity can I get free shipping?
Whether you order through our website or through WhatsApp or phone call, if you make a purchase over € 150 you will enjoy free shipping costs. For those who do not exceed this amount, the expenses will be € 6.99.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
From Luminosos Fluorescentes we deliver anywhere in Spain. Our shipments usually arrive in 24 hours. Depending on the day of delivery of the logistics companies in your city, in some cases the deliveries will be made between 24 and 48 hours.
In what payment methods can I pay for the order?
At Luminosos Fluorescentes we have several payment methods. The available modalities are the following: payment by card, payment by PayPal, cash on delivery or payment by bank transfer. In this last mode, the shipment will not leave our facilities until the transfer is made effective.
How can I see the tracking of my order?
Whenever you place an order, we will keep you informed of its status through your personal space on the web. In addition, you will receive an email when the shipment has left to the requested address, accompanied by a tracking number that you can check on the transport company's page. In the personal space of the web, you will also always have access to an updated status of your order.


What is the difference between ecological and biodegradable? Are all types of confetti biodegradable?
In Luminosos Fluorescentes we have different types of confetti. All of our paper confetti is biodegradable. The difference between this model and the ecological one is that the biodegradable confetti is made with tissue paper and will take a while to disintegrate, and the ecological confetti is made with rice paper and will disintegrate more easily in contact with water.


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