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Fluorescent Nail Polish

The nail polish is undoubtedly the perfect element to make our hands stand out. We use it in our day to day and to stand out on a special occasion. But be careful, when choosing the colour of your neon nail polish you have to take into account the occasion and your lifestyle.

In Luminosos Fluorescentes you will find a wide range of fluorescent nail polish to succeed in all your events. Decorate your nails like you have never done before!

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Fluorescent nail polish models

In our catalogue you will find several models of the neon nail polish, in a wide variety of colours: 

- UV neon nail polish 

- Glow-in-the-dark neon nail polish 

- Shiny glitter nail polish 

The fluorescent nail polish that you will find in the Luminosos Fluorescentes catalogue complies with all the safety certifications issued by the European Union. They will not cause any damage to your nails as they are totally safe.

How does the fluorescent nail polish works?

Using them is the same as using conventional nail polish. Unscrew the cap and carefully spread it over each nail. Although at first glance they look like a normal nail polish, each of the models will surprise you greatly.

Neon UV nail polish will appear normal until it comes into contact with UV light. At that instant, it will glow brightly, giving your hands an unmatchable touch of colour. The fluorescent nail polish will glow in the dark after the lights have been turned off. It is recharged with any source of light, whether it is natural or artificial.

Glitter nail polishes are the perfect choice to make your hands stand out, and also thanks to their shine it is not necessary to wear jewellery and they tend to last much longer than ordinary nail polishes. Glitter is incorporated into the polish, so you won't need to apply it later.

When can fluorescent nail polish be used?

Use them in your day to day and especially in special events, such as glow parties, birthdays, bridal showers, nightclubs, Halloween, etc. When choosing the colour of the fluorescent polish, keep the occasion in mind, since, some colours of this type of nail polish may be too striking and may not be appropriate for all occasions.

To enjoy UV neon nail polish, you will need to have ultraviolet light. You will find it in places such as nightclubs, music bars, party rooms, etc. If  you want to celebrate a private party, you can find the energy saving UV bulb in our website. 

Where can I buy fluorescent nail polish?

Make your order from anywhere in Spain through our website. We ship in 24 hours for only € 6.99. In orders over € 50 you do not have to pay shipping costs, as they completely free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.

The most recommended way to purchase fluorescent nail polish is by visiting our physical store. You will be able to see the product in person, solve any doubts that may arise and save the shipping costs. You will find us in the Malasaña neighbourhood, more specifically in Calle Galería de Robles, n.5. Our working hours are from 10 am to 7 pm, without interruption.


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