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Markers for Children

Thanks to fluorescent markers you can decorate all kinds of spaces. You can use them in any event or party to make the messages of a photocall glow in the dark or write secret messages. You choose!

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What are fluorescent markers for?

With fluorescent markers you can create all kinds of messages if what you are looking for is to attract attention. They can help you if you want to communicate something important to your loved ones or to create posters for any event: weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc. For this type of occasions you can choose the phosphorescent marker but if you want to unleash your imagination, use them on glass doors or windows. In addition, you do not have to worry about anything since they are easily removed by wiping the area with water.

And if you want your message to glow in the dark, then you should use the fluorescent marker pen. We have them in a variety of colours and you don't need anything else to make them instantly glow.

How can I use the fluorescent markers at a party?

Photocalls cannot be missing at a fashionable party and to give your event a more glow touch, you can use the fluorescent markers and create fun phrases that accompany the photos of your guests. That 'what I have in my glass is Aquarius' or the typical 'it has gotten out of hand' will be more striking if you use this type of markers. You can also decorate clothes, desserts or furniture with them, since they include a pack of stickers with which you can decorate anything you can think of.

Fosforecent markers for children

If you have children at home and you want to surprise them, we recommend you the invisible ink markers. With them they can write secret messages without anyone being able to read them until the light is turned off. Only with UV light will you be able to discover what is hidden. They are the perfect option to create a magical environment and do something different when playing.

And if you not a kid, do not worry, because these markers can help you make your party the most original of all. Create messages that are only seen in the dark or organize some mysterious game between friends.

Are the markers suitable for everyone?

These types of markers are not toxic or harmful so they can be used by even the youngest. 

When it comes to using them, they work like any ordinary marker. The only ones that work a bit differently are the invisible ink markers, since to see the messages it is necessary to have ultraviolet light.

In the case of glow markers, you do have to fold them until they click before using them as if they were a glow stick. Then they should be shaken and with that simple step they are ready for you to start drawing.

Buy fluorescent markers

You can buy this type of markers through our website and your order will arrive in 24 hours to any part of Spain. Also, if you wish you can visit our physical store. We are located in Calle Galería de Robles, 5, in the Malasaña neighbourhood in Madrid. There you can check the quality of our products in person. We are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and we will be happy to see you.


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