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Electric Streamer Cannons

To create a stunning visual effect that will reach every corner of the event, use the electric streamers cannons. Remember that you must have a compatible machine to use this type of launcher. The results will be great if you link cannons together!

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You won't have to choose between confetti and streamers again for your next celebrations. Both are in high demand for different parties and events. At Luminosos Fluorescentes we offer you the electric cannon of...
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Models of electric streamers cannons

The models of electric cannons filled with streamers that you will find in our catalogue can be classified in two ways. First, in terms of the type of streamers they contain. That is, paper streamers or metallic streamers. And, secondly, in terms of the size of the launcher. In Luminosos Fluorescentes we have three different sizes: 30 cm, 50 cm or 80 cm in length.

Also, remember that in our website you will also find electric cannons to fill and also different types of streamers or confetti

The streamers of these cannons, like the rest of our consumables, are professional and have the CE certificate. They are flame retardant and do not leave stains. The streamers for these launchers are available in different colours. For the paper option, you have white, red, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, orange, pink, lilac, black and multicolour. And for the metallic option, you have silver, gold and multicolour glitter.

At what events are electric streamer cannons used?

This type of launcher can be used in multiple events and celebrations, as long as you have the compatible machine to initiate the launches. Use them to cheer up your birthday guests, at gatherings with friends, small or large celebrations, weddings, concerts, etc.

Before choosing the size and type of consumable, be clear about the effect you want to achieve and the place where you will hold the event, since the effect that is achieved with each of the cannons and the distance that the streamers can reach will be different depending on the model you choose. 

How do electric streamers cannons work?

For their operation, you will need a compatible machine that will provide them with enough power to launch the streamers

As they are electrical machines, you have the option of connecting several of them together to create a simultaneous launch without having to have several people doing this. You will activate all the launches at the same time with a single button. 

Make sure the machine is turned off while you handle the electric launcher and connect it to it, to do this safely. Insert the cannon into the machine, choose the desired orientation and then remove the protective cap. Finally, connect the launcher plug to the machine and you can activate it to launch.

Do not make holes along the electric cannon or expose it to high temperatures if you want it to provide a good performance. 

Where can I buy electric streamers cannons?

From Luminosos Fluorescentes we make shipments to any part of Spain. For shipments to the peninsula, shipping costs are € 6.99 and the order will arrive in 24 working hours. If your order exceeds € 50, the shipping costs are free. If you are from the Canary Islands, please contact us to receive more information. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

Our physical store is located in the centre of Madrid, in case you want to see the products before buying them with your own eyes or you want to save the shipping costs. We are in Calle Galería de Robles, n. 5. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 7 pm, without interruption. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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