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Fire Machines Rental

Add fire to your show! It is one of the most used special effects in events and you can do it without putting the guests in danger. Discover the different fire machines in our catalogue and surprise everyone.

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What options do you have?

In this section you have fire machines that will help you to add extra spectacularity to your events. If your party is going to take place outdoors, then we recommend you to go for the Flame Jet fire machine. With it you will be able to get both small flames and large columns of fire, but you will not be able to use it indoors. For both indoor and outdoor options, you have the Sparkular cold fire machine. This device is capable of creating large flows of sparks that do not burn, since it does not use pyrotechnic elements or fuel. Use it in your venue without the need for additional permits.

What do you need to use the fire machines?

For each of the options there are a series of recommendations to follow when using them, which you will find in more detail in the file for each one of them. As we were saying, the Flame Jet machine can only be used outside. This device has a battery so it can be used anywhere, without the need for cables. But this means that you have to check that the battery is enough before each event, depending on how long you plan to use it.

The Sparkular machine does not use fuel, unlike the previous one that works with propane gas, but requires a few envelopes with the necessary consumable to generate the sparks. Each envelope lasts 10 minutes at maximum power and 15 at minimum power.

Both options are very easy and intuitive to use and are very comfortable to place anywhere. If you need more information, please contact our technical team at any time.

Add spectacularity to your event

If you want to really impact the guests of your event, use a device that makes them have fun and which will create unforgettable memories of the celebration. Both fire machines are a good option to surprise everyone, offering effects as varied as small flames, columns of fire or streams of sparks that do not burn.

Thanks to the remote control that comes with the Flame Jet machine, you will be able to combine the visual effects with auditory ones. Synchronize the special effects with the music and surprise everyone at the climax of the party.

If you want to add other options as well, take a look at our special effects machine rental catalogue. You will discover several categories of machines, such as smoke, CO2 or confetti.

How can I rent the fire machines?

We provide below a form so that you can fill in to make your reservation or to receive additional information. Please complete it with a minimum of 24 or 48 hours before the event, so that we can make sure that you can enjoy our fire machines in time for your party.


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