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Beer Pong: The Fashion Game

You still don’t know about the game of Beer Pong? In the US it is one of the most famous "drinking games" between both young and old, and it is almost becoming a sport. We are going to explain what it is, how to play Beer Pong and what products we offer you.

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Characteristics of Beer Pong

Beer Pong or the beer game with ping pong is a game that comes to the rest of the world from the USA. The game consists in two teams, usually two pairs.

Once you have the foldable Beer Pong table open and placed in the place where you are going to play, you must set up 10 red glasses or American glasses forming a triangle. Four glasses in the last row, three glasses in the next row, then two and then one. Each team plays on one side of the board. Once the table and the Beer Pong glasses have been set up, you must fill them half with your favourite drink. It is usually beer, although you can use your drink of choice.

Each player throws the Beer Pong ball from their side of the Beer Pong table, attempting to score into their opponent's glasses. If he scores, the opponent must drink the drink from the red glass and remove it from the table.

The team that scores the first the ball into all of their opponent's glasses wins. 

The largest variety of Beer Pong items

We are the official supplier of the Beer Pong league in Madrid and that is why we have official and approved products for the Beer Pong league, as well as the special red cups and balls. 

We have a lot of different Beer Pong table models so you can choose the design that you like best. All our tables meet quality standards and have the official Beer Pong table size, which is 240 x 60 x 70 cm. In our catalogue of tables for the game of beer we have 7 different models which include models of glow Beer Pong tables.

Where can I buy the different items for Beer Pong? 

Buy the different Beer Pong items from our online store. The shipping costs are € 6.99, but if your order exceeds € 50 the shipping costs are free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. We also have a physical store in Madrid, where you can buy all the Beer Pong products. We are located at C / Galería de Robles, 5.

Come visit us and see our broad catalogue of fluorescent products that will cheer up even more your party with friends, birthdays, weddings ... We are your party store in Madrid.


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