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Fluorescent Paint for Surfaces

Are you planning to give a bright touch to some objects or surfaces in your home or your premises? In our catalog you will find several specific paint products for surfaces and also some focused on crafts, both for home use and for school use.

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Wide variety of luminous paints for surfaces

Within this category you will find two great models of paints: fluorescent and phosphorescent. The glow of fluorescent paints will only take place while the material is in contact with an ultraviolet light source. When the light goes out, the painted object will also stop glowing. On the other hand, phosphorescence is the ability of materials to retain part of the energy they receive with light and release it, not only at the time of being illuminated, but also afterwards. In our catalog you will find paints, such as UV paint for surfacesand also spray, tempera or markers for different materials.

On what surfaces are fluorescent paints used?

Our paints and sprays for surfaces can be used on wood, iron, glass or plastic, as well as many other materials. In the field of crafts, we recommend that you opt for the temperas that glow in the dark or phosphorescent markers. To achieve a better result, we recommend that you clean the surface well before applying the paint, especially if the background is white or light, as it will help you achieve a higher light output. During the day, the paint will have bright or neon colors and at night, they will glow thanks to ultraviolet light or thanks to the accumulation of energy during the day.

When to use fluorescent surface paints?

Our fluorescent paints for surfaces serve both as decoration for the house or the garden, for crafts and also for signaling elements in emergency situations, such as emergency exits or to increase the security of a premises.
The brightness of our paints is conditioned by various circumstances, depending on the model. If applied correctly, you will enjoy these paints for several years, but you must bear in mind that even if they do not erase, over time the fluorescence will lose effectiveness.

Where to buy fluorescent paints for surfaces?

To acquire the different paint products for surfaces, you have several options. Come to our physical store in Madrid, at Calle Galería de Robles, Nº 5 and take the products instantly. In this way you will save shipping costs and you will also be able to see the product in person before buying it. Our hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
On the other hand, you can also place your order through our website and we will send it to any part of Spain. Shipments are in 24-48 hours, for only €6.99. We also ship to Portugal, France and Italy. Check the conditions of each country at the bottom of our website (SHIPMENTS AND DELIVERY TIMES). For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team.


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