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Ecological Confetti Cannons

At Luminosos Fluorescentes we want to take care of the environment and that is why we want to offer you the possibility of enjoying an authentic party without causing any damage to the natural environment.

With the 100% ecological confetti cannons you will not have to give up the fun to take care of the planet. The confetti contained in these launchers are made from rice paper and easily decompose. So if you are going to organize an outdoor party or event, you should know that the ecological confetti will disappear naturally due to the action of the organisms themselves but that, in addition, when they come into contact with water, they dissolve really easily.

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In some makes it is not allowed to throw rice during weddings, so eco-friendly confetti cannons are the best option. After the bride and groom have said ‘yes I do’, its launching will make the result very similar to the effect created by the classic rice and with a much more beautiful visual effect. As they are made of rice paper, their weight is very light and they stay in the air for a longer time. Do you want the result to be truly magical? Then do not hesitate to choose this alternative.

Characteristics of the eco-friendly confetti cannons

The eco-friendly rice paper confetti cannons can be used at any event or party that is worth its salt. This product is only available in white and the cannons are 60 centimetres long.

Like other models, the ecological confetti are 100% fire retardant, an essential feature to guarantee safety, since in this way there is no risk of fire whether the party is held indoors or outdoors. On the other hand, it should be noted that they don’t fade so we do not have to be afraid that they will stain our clothes or any other surfaces.

As we have mentioned before, the ecological confetti weigh less and thus their effect lasts longer. Everyone will want to immortalize the moment.

These rice paper confetti launchers are manual and very easy to use. Contrary to what happens with electric cannons, they do not need any other device for their use. To start it up, the first thing to do is remove the protection cover. Then you have to hold the upper part of the barrel with one hand and the lower part with the other. When you turn the base of the cannon to the left, the confetti will shoot out and reach a great height.

When using the cannons, you should not make holes in them or expose them to high temperatures, as they contain compressed air. Also, when launching the confetti do not aim directly at people to avoid injuries. If what you want is for everyone to participate in this rain of colours, you must shoot in a diagonal or vertical position.

These cannons are of a single-use, so we recommend using more than one for a real show. No one will want to miss it.

Other options for my party

In Luminosos Fluorescentes we have a wide catalogue of confetti for you to throw the best party. To the ecological confetti is added the paper confetti that also remains in the air for longer. On the other hand, you will find the metallic confetti that falls faster but it dazzles everyone with its shine. Both models are available in different designs, from the classic round confetti to more original ones with different shapes such as the metallic stars confetti or paper butterflies confetti. Another option is using streamers, which when they are launched with cannons they create really spectacular “spider web” effect.

If you want to complete the event with other alternatives, we have smoke machines, bubble machines or you can even rent one of our LED Robot to perform a very striking performance thanks to the futuristic suit they wear and the use of suspension stilts .

Where can I buy the eco-friendly confetti cannons

If you are going for the 100% organic confetti, you can visit our physical store to get it. You will find us in the Madrid’s neighbourhood of Malasaña, in Calle Galería de Robles, nº 5 and we will help you from 10 am to 7 pm. There you can check the premium quality of our products and we will help you with everything you need to organize the best event of the year.

You can also buy through our website. We ship within 24 hours to the entire Spanish peninsula and if your order exceeds € 50, shipping costs will be totally free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.  If you have any questions or need to contact us, you can do so by sending an email to or through WhatsApp at +34 678 992 464.


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