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Beer Pong Glasses

At Luminosos Fluorescentes we offer you the official cups to play Beer Pong. Beer Pong cups are normally red and must also have a specific size. All this is detailed in the Beer Pong league rules. If you already have your Beer Pong table, now you only need cups to play.

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Approved red cups to play Beer Pong 

The Beer Pong cups that are used are like the red American cups that we always see at all American teenage parties. That cup exists in many shapes, colours, and sizes. For the beer game it is recommended that they have very specific measurements and colours.

The material of the cupis plastic, and it is white inside and red outside. The size of the Beer Pong glass, according to the official league, is 16 oz, approximately 500ml. Dimensions are 8" wide x 8" high x 4" base. If we transform it to the Spanish metric system, in this case cm, it measures 20cm wide x 20cm high x 10cm wide approximately.

How many cups do you need to play beer pong?

The Beer Pong cup pack is made up of 21 red cups. You may be thinking, what is that extra cup for? Is it there in case one breaks to have a spare one? Well, that is not a bad idea, but no. This extra glass, which is normally placed on the side of the table, is where the water is poured into to clean the ball each time it is used. The ball does not always go into a cupor fall on the Beer Pong table, it can also fall to the ground. That is why we use that cup of water in this game.

In addition to these 20 cups for the two Beer Pong teams plus the extra red cup to clean the Beer Pong ball, we always recommend buying extra American cups because some cups can fall to the ground and break and we must have others to replace them and continue playing. 

Other models of cups to play Beer Pong and sink the fleet

If your purpose is not to play Beer Pong professionally, but rather what you are looking for is to have fun with friends, we offer you other cups for the game of Beer Pong. They are cups of the same measurements as the American red cups, but transparent and which incorporate a fluorescent bar. These glow cups were created with the idea of ​​making the beer game a little different and focused especially on young people who like to hang out with friends and play games at the bars.

We also have something original and fun to emulate the famous Spanish game, similar to beer pong, the hard game. We have created a sink the fleet table where the boats are our red 4cl shot cups that measure 5cm high and 4cm in diameter.

Where can I buy Beer Pong cups? 

Buy the different Beer Pong cups from our online store or from our physical store in Madrid, which is in Calle Galería de Robles, 5. 

If you are in Spain, the shipping costs are € 6.99, but if your order exceeds € 50 the shipping costs are free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.

If you come to our physical store you will be able to see our catalogue of glow products in person. Enjoy the Beer Pong game!


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