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Holi Powders: Fill your Party With Color

Holi powders are a 100% natural product, solely made out of corn flour and food colouring. They have become popular, both in our country and in the rest of the world, because of the joy and fun offered by the parties with colour powders.
Our company imports the holi powders directly from India, from where they are original from, in order to ensure their quality and that they follow the original recipe.

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Characteristics of the Holi Powders

Our holi powders have the SGS certificate and are of a premium quality. Because the colour powders are made solely out of natural products, they are suitable for all kinds of people. The whole family will be able to enjoy the holi, from the youngest to the oldest ones, including pets. Many people decide to take their dogs to enjoy the Holi Party, such as for example to the holi parties or Holi Run.

On the other hand, the colour holi powders do not cause any allergies or intolerances, especially for those with gluten intolerances. For people with asthma, even though they should not cause them any problems, we still recommend them to cover their mouth and nose with a scarf or mask. As the powders are made out of small and fine particles, it is better to prevent and avoid any type of inconvenience that could hinder the fun.

Different formats and colours of the Holi Powders

Depending on the type of event that you want to organise or on the size of this, you can buy different formats of the colour powders. You will find them as holi sachets of 75 or 100 grams, as holi bags of 1 kg, 5 kg or 25 kg, or in launching formats such as the holi powder pots, the holi powder cannons and the holi powder extinguishers.

You also have the holi powders in different colours: red, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. The unit of any type of format will contain only one colour. If you want to add various colours, you will have to choose different units. You can choose the colours in terms of your personal preferences or, if it is not a determining factor in the holi party, you can let us choose the colours by choosing the option “Mixed”.

Uses of the Holi Powders

The holi powders are not thought for just one type of event. Depending on the quantity you buy, you will be able to organise different types of celebrations. On one hand, the holi sachets or the pots can be used to organise holi parties with friends or family and incredible photoshoots that will create colourful albums. On the other hand, you can organise something more intense and collective, by using the extinguishers or the holi bags in music festivals or in the famous Holi Run.

How to remove the Holi Powders from clothes

Removing the holi powders is extremely easy. Because they are formed solely by natural ingredients, the stains left by the colour powders are removed as you would remove any other stain left by a natural product, such as tomato sauce. As a recommendation, because some colours are stronger and are eliminated after a couple of washings, it is better to leave the clothes soaking for around 48 hours in soap or bleach.

This latter recommendation is in case you want to leave the clothes as if they were new. If you wore an old t-shirt, the most common choice, just think about having fun during the holi party. The white colour of the t-shirts for holi powders is our favourite, as it allows the tones of the holi powders to create a really colourful effect.


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