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If you have thought about organizing a party or you dedicate yourself to it, in Luminosos Fluorescentes we have everything you will need to leave no one indifferent. The so-called 'Glow Party' are now more fashionable than ever and with luminous products you will be able to fill everything with brightness and color.

The luminous products for parties are the perfect complement to differentiate yourself and get your event attendees to enjoy themselves without having to worry about a thing. In addition, we are the only store specialized in luminous products in all of Spain, so you have the possibility to get to know us and check the premium quality of our products.

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Light bars for parties

One of our most popular items is glow sticks, also known as fluorescent sticks or 'glow stick'. These fluorescent sticks are available in eight different colors (pink, red, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow or white) and are very easy to use. Simply fold the bars in half until they click and then shake them until they glow to make them look good. Normally these bars shine for up to eight hours at maximum intensity but, afterwards, they will continue to shine although with less power.

The glow sticks can be used to decorate the space where you are going to hold the party, as a glass remover or to present all the attendees with glow bracelets. These fluorescent sticks are not toxic or harmful. Inside they contain a substance called hydrogen peroxide, known as a fluorine activator. It also contains a glass capsule made of a liquid called phenyl oxalate ether, which is what provides the color. When the bars are bent, both substances mix, giving rise to that effect called chemiluminescence.

You can find the luminous bracelets with different models and so you can choose the one that best suits the theme of your party. There are bi-color or tri-color luminous bracelets, more original models such as licorice luminous bracelets or triple fluorescent bracelets, among others. And to shine with greater intensity we have fluorescent luminous necklaces for parties.

And if what you like is to create different figures, we have the pack designed for mounting fluorescent balls or flowers. For those who want their party to have variety, in our catalog there are also other fluorescent accessories. The luminous headbands or fluorescent glasses will help you create the best photocall of all and that the public have fun exchanging them between them.

Another essential luminous accessory in any celebration are fluorescent balloons that light up in contact with ultraviolet light.

The LED effect

Another accessory that triumphs in any celebration due to the light they give off are LED luminous products. One of the advantages of is that LED items usually have an ON / OFF button so that you can turn them on whenever you want and select the type of light you prefer: fixed, fast or slow flashing.

LED glasses are the most popular. There are two models, one for the most classic and another for the most modern with a zig zag design. But do not think that this ends here, there are also LED headbands and bracelets or more eye-catching products such as the LED luminous tutu, the luminous braces or the LED eyelashes. In crowded events such as festivals or concerts, the LED foam sticks for parties achieve a very captivating visual effect. Those attending this type of event shake the stick to the rhythm of the music and thus liven up the atmosphere quite a bit.

As you can see, we do not want anything to be lacking in your event and that is why we have luminous products for all kinds of parties and for all audiences.

LED balloons to decorate the party

When decorating the space where you are going to celebrate the event, LED balloons can help you make a difference. With them you can create garlands, make figures, centers or even leave them suspended from the ceiling. The good thing is that there are many models.

You can opt for the star LED balloons, the Kiss Me LED balloons for love-themed parties, the animal-print LED balloons or the classic colored LED balloons. For the most creative we have other more striking models such as the transparent LED balloons or some newer ones such as the Unicorn LED Balloon.

All of them are of premium quality, have three types of lighting and will give that touch of color that any party needs.

To get the balloons inflated to perfection and to hold the air for longer, you have the Helio Party Fiesta Bottle at your disposal. With the 0.25 m3 bottle you can fill from 27 to 30 balloons and with the 0.42 m3 helium bottle, between 50 and 55 balloons.

Other luminous products to decorate

Decoration is always a plus at a party and at Luminosos Fluorescentes we do not want you to disappoint your guests under any circumstances.

To make the party more attractive, and especially the drinking area, you can use fluorescent luminous glasses. These glasses have a slot into which a light stick is inserted and thus lights up when drinking the liquid.

There are also luminous shot glasses in assorted colors or luminous Champagne glasses for more special occasions. Another one of the things that can not be missing are the luminous glass removers. Use them when serving a gin and tonic or to add a bright touch to your best cocktails.

Fluorescent makeup

And if you already want your party to be the most TOP of all, fluorescent makeup can make the atmosphere much more magical. Thanks to the luminous paint, the makeup of the dancers or even the attendants themselves will shine brightly when in contact with the ultraviolet light.

In our extensive paint catalog, one of the most outstanding is glitter party makeup. It can be used on both the face and the body and is essential to be the center of all eyes.

But this is not all because our luminous world does not end here. Enter our website and you will be amazed by everything we have for you. Do you have a costume party? Give your outfit more realism with UV fake blood. Fake blood party fiesta is very easy to apply and has the ability to glow with black light. With it you will be really scary.

Plan a unique event

To make your party more exclusive we have options that will surely not leave anyone indifferent. The LED robot rental for events is one of them. Our staff is experienced in the use of suspension stilts and wears a futuristic suit that has more than 300 led bulbs. In addition, to give more category to the performance that the robots perform, the megatron rental is the most ideal because if there is something typical at a party, it is that the attendees dance to the rhythm of the music while receiving CO2 shots.

If your event is outdoors, be it a music festival, a race or a battle, the colored powders for parties are going to leave you speechless. We are talking about the famous Holi Powders that, made from rice flour and food coloring, are suitable for all types of audiences. With them, attendees will enjoy throwing them into the air and throwing them at each other, leaving images worthy of a postcard to remember.

Where can I buy glow party supplies?

You can manage your order through our website. We ship within 24 hours to the entire Peninsula and if your purchase exceeds € 50, the expenses will be totally free.

If you prefer, you can also visit our physical store to receive personalized attention and that we advise you on everything you need. We are in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña, at Calle Galería de Robles, no5 and our hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. There you can check the premium quality of our fluorescent lights for parties.


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