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CO2 Machines Rental

You don’t know how to surprise your guests anymore? With the different CO2 effect machines you will achieve an amazing visual effect. A column of gas will surround everyone in the most important moments of the event. Make your event unique!

Range of CO2 effects machines

In our catalogue we have three devices that will achieve the megatron effect: the CO2 gun, the CO2 Jet machine and the TURBO CO2 Jet machine

The first one is very easy to handle and you can move it around easily. It does not need an electrical connection. The set includes the gun, a quick connection for the CO2 cylinder and a 5 meters high-pressure hose. To use it, you will have to connect the gun to a CO2 cylinder, recharge it and use it when charged. By pulling the trigger you will achieve the megatron effect, which will reach up to 6 meters away.

With the CO2 Jet machine, the column of gas will reach up to 8 meters in distance. This machine can be fixed to one place and its inclination can be adjusted as desired. It is usually used in concerts or nightclubs, although it is recommended to use more than one to achieve a better effect. You will be able to link several devices together, to make a simultaneous shot with them and magnify the resulting effect.

The TURBO CO2 Jet machine is very similar to the previous one, although its power is greater. It also reaches 8 meters in distance, but when using several cylinders, the gas column will be wider.

Characteristics of the CO2 machines

The three types of devices named above are small and manageable. In addition, they easily adapt to different environments. Although the three machines perform the megatron effect, there are small differences between the results achieved by each that we will have to take into account when choosing between the different models. You will find more details in the file of each product.

They all have in common an essential characteristic to be able to function: they need to be connected to CO2 cylinders, so they can be used through the hose or socket of the machine. And, in all three cases, CO2 devices have CE certification.

Add special effects to your event

The megatron effect has become very popular and almost an essential in a wide range of events. It is a visual effect that is made with devices called jets or with guns that generate columns of gas. This effect has become very common in events such as parties and concerts, but also at nightclubs. It is often used in the high points of the event or of the songs, to create greater spectacularity.

But this is not the only special effect that you can get for your events. Discover bubbles machines, confetti machines or even fire machines.

How can I rent the CO2 effect machines?

At the end of this text you will find a form that you must fill out if you want to make a reservation or if you need more information about our products. Keep in mind that, to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the CO2 machine in time, you must complete the form 24 or 48 hours in advance. For any other questions, get in touch with our team.


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