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When we go to a party, we hope to find various decorative items that will provide us joy and well-being. LED items are a great success at all events which will also give you extra energy.

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Broad variety of LED products

In our catalogue you will find the largest variety of LED products. Depending on whether you are looking for an accessory or a decorative element, you will be able to choose between different glow products. Most of them have an on and off button, with which you will be able to control the duration of the batteries.

LED foam sticks and bracelets

The glow sticks are covered in foam so that they are fully padded and cannot cause any damage. Inside these there is a LED light that illuminates them if you press the power button or to the rhythm of the music, depending on the model.

The LED bracelets are made of transparent acrylic and have a really nice bubbles effect. Other models are made with silicone, so they adapt to all types of wrists and do not produce friction or are uncomfortable to wear. Like with the glow sticks, some are turned on with an ON / OFF button and others have a technology that allows them to light up to the rhythm of the music.

LED Masks

If you love costumes and are looking for a unique item, then glow-in-the-dark masks will be your go-to. We have different models available, which will give you a mysterious and luminous touch. All models have an on / off button, which will give you control over the battery duration.

LED Headbands

Glow headbands are very well received at all events and celebrations. For this reason, we have expanded our catalogue with several new models, both for children and adults. In addition, they have a flexible and really comfortable shape.

LED balloons

To achieve a special decoration at your parties and events, use the different LED balloons that you will find in our website. You can inflate them with both normal air and helium. The different uses you can give to each model are endless and the visual effect they will create will amaze everyone.

Other LED products

In addition, we have different LED products to decorate and enliven your parties. For glow parties in nightclubs, you will find products as cool as the LED ice cubes or the LED glass illuminator.

Events with LED products

The different LED items will be the star products for concerts, music events, festivals, nightclubs, stag parties, bridal showers, and anniversaries, etc. Their combined effect, when using different types of items or large quantities, will achieve a great visual impact. The impact will be bigger if  you go for the products which react to the rhythm of music.

Another very fun idea is to use them in races or night parties. They will offer great luminosity and the fun will also be greater.

Where can I buy the LED items?

You can get them from our physical store in Madrid and through our website. We ship to all parts of Spain. Shipping costs to the Spanish peninsula are € 6.99 for orders under € 50 and you will enjoy the products in 24 hours. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

The store is located in Calle Galería de Robles, n.5, and our team will be there to offer you the necessary advice between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. If you need more information, get in touch with us through any of the available communication channels.


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