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Luminous Drinking Glasses

Thanks to the different types of glow glasses you can organize a special, bright and fun event. They can be used at birthdays, weddings, private parties or nightclub parties. These glasses will amaze your guests.

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Models and varieties of the glow glasses 

You have available different models of fluorescent glow glasses on our website and in our physical store: fluorescent glasses, 350ml glow glasses, glow shot glasses or glow glasses (for wine, champagne, etc.). Find the luminous glasses in our catalogue in different colours: blue, green, pink, orange or yellow.

Characteristics of the glow glasses 

Most of the fluorescent glow glasses are made of hard plastic, to avoid at all costs that the liquid inside the glow sticks which illuminate the glasses is spilled. There is also no risk that the content you pour into the glass mixes with the products that generate the glow reaction.

In Luminosos Fluorescentes we love working with the best glow products on the market. Therefore, depending on the model of the glow glass you can enjoy its maximum luminosity for at least 6 hours. They can last, although at a lower intensity, even more than 12 hours until they turn off completely.

Recommendations and suggestions 

At Luminosos Fluorescentes we recommend keeping the glow glasses in their original packaging until their use. Glow Sticks are delicate, and although they are protected by the hard plastic of the glass, they can be activated by drops or rough treatment, causing the glowing time to begin.

It is also advisable not to expose these glow products to a great source of heat or to the sun for a long time. This could cause the products to lose their fluorescent properties or become damaged.

Events with the glow glasses 

Fluorescent glow glasses are perfect for private events such as birthdays or gatherings with friends, but they will also add a special touch to weddings or other celebrations. Organize a Glow Party with your friends and use the glow glasses to drink champagne in an innovative way or the luminous shot glasses to drink your favorite drink in an original way seeing how the liquid inside it lights up and creates reflections.

These types of glasses will be attractive and innovative for the guests of your events. Combine this product with the glow straws or fluorescent stickers to get more shine and luminosity.

Where can I buy the glow glasses?

Get the different varieties of glow glasses in our website or in our physical store. Choose the right amount for your event and buy them now. We have the best prices on the market. Place your order from anywhere in Spain for € 6.99 and it will arrive in 24 hours. Shipping costs are free for orders over € 50. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

Visit our physical store in Calle Galería de Robles local 5, in Madrid, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In this way, you will save shipping costs and you will be able to see the products in person. Take the glow glasses with you right away!


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