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Holi Party Powder Bags

Holi bags are a worldwide trend thanks to the amazing fun provided by the holi parties. The holi powders come from India, where every year massive festivals are organised to celebrate the arrival of spring. In Luminosos Fluorescentes we are direct importers of these in order to secure that their components are 100% natural and that they follow the original recipe.

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Holi Bags for everyone

Our bags of paint for parties have the SGS certificate and are of premium quality. The best thing about this product, in addition to being natural, is that they are apt for all types of public. Both adults and children can enjoy without any problem an event with bags of colour powders.

Thanks to their composition formed uniquely by corn flour and food colouring, even pets can attend the event. Our holi bags do not cause allergies or intolerances, as the holi sachets. Moreover, they do not affect people with asthma, although it is better that they cover their mouth and nose with a mask or scarf.

Sizes and colours of the Holi Bags

It is no longer necessary to wait for the date of the great holi festival because you can now organise it yourself with friends and family. To do this, we offer you the bags of holi colours of different sizes. Depending on the type of event or the size of this, we give you the possibility of choosing between different bags of colour powders: 1 kg, 5 kg or 25 kg.

As these are a bigger quantity, we recommend that you shake the bags before opening them, as much as possible, so that the holi powders in their inside are correctly distributed. We ensure you that the holi powders will never arrive in a bad state, but due to the weight of the bags they can become compact and lose efficiency in their release.

For multitudinous events, we recommend to also include a spectacular product: the extinguishers holi powders.

Holi bags are available in seven different colours: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and orange. It should be remembered that each of them contains a single colour inside, not a mixture of all of them. When purchasing multiple units, you can choose the exact number of colours you prefer.

Uses of the Holi Bags

The bags of holi colours are not only designed for a specific kind of event. They have a very versatile format that will bring fun per kg to photoshoots, really amazing photo books, music festivals or the popular holi run races, amongst others.

As for sporting events, holi bags can be used in two possible ways. Either they are used by the event staff themselves to throw them to the runners, or they are distributed to the runners individually in plastic cups. These options are usually not exclusive. While they are running, the first option is used, and when they finish, the second one.

The recommended outfit for a holi party

Their natural composition makes the bags of paint for parties, in most cases, easily removable from clothing. Still, we recommend not to use your favourite clothing or shoes. The best thing is to go to the event free of any worry, with a white outfit so that the colours from the holi powders stand out above everything else.


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