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Luminous Fluorescent Masks

Use these amazing fluorescent masks to add a mysterious touch to your events, or as part of your Halloween or Carnival costume.

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Variety of fluorescent masks

In our catalogue you have available on the one hand the glow masks, in their different models (butterfly, bee, for carnival with stars or fantasy carnival), and on the other hand the V for Vendetta masks, which although they are not fluorescent they are widely used in parties or carnivals.

Characteristics of the fluorescent masks

The glow masks are made of a highly resistant and long-lasting plastic mask, with two holes to insert the glow bracelets. They also incorporate the string with which we will fasten the mask around the head. The glow sticks will give it a very bright touch and you can enjoy their intensity for up to 12 hours, until it they turn off completely.

As for the V for Vendetta mask, it is a non-fluorescent mask, from the movie V for Vendetta and the hacker group ANONYMOUS. It is a very resistant mask with a high-quality finish, made out of hard PVC plastic and with pads that separate the mask a bit from the face. It is available in both white and black.

Recommendations and suggestions

At Luminosos Fluorescentes we recommend that you keep the fluorescent masks in their original packaging until their use. In the case of the glow masks, they are a delicate product and the fluorescent sticks in the packaging can be activated by drops or rough handling. If this happens, the glowing time starts in that moment and they will therefore last less in your parties.

In this case, you also have to be careful with the treatment of the glow sticks because, although it does not usually happen, if they break and the liquid inside reaches delicate parts such as the eyes or the mouth, these must be washed with plenty of water to remove it. However, note that liquids are neither toxic nor flammable.

Events with glow masks

These masks are perfect for carnivals, but you can also use them at your private parties. Glow masks will add a mysterious and luminous touch to any event. The V for Vendetta mask, on the other hand, is perfect for carnivals, Halloween, private parties or as a costume.

You can also combine them with glow bracelets or Venetian LED masks to create an amazing atmosphere at carnival or at private parties with friends.

Where can I buy the fluorescent masks?

Find the glow masks and the non-glow V for Vendetta masks both in our website and in our physical store. In Luminosos Fluorescentes you have the best priced and the best quality products. Choose the right amount of fluorescent masks and other glow products for your event and buy them now.

Place your order from anywhere in Spain and it will arrive in 24 hours for only € 6.99. Take advantage and discover other glow products, since for orders over € 50 the shipping costs are free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. You can also visit our physical store in Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles nº5, from 10 am to 7 pm.


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