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Luminosos Fluorescentes brings you a wide range of LED glow balloons to use in all your events. Thanks to the different models available, LED balloons will be your favourite decorative elements for parties and events.

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LED balloon models

In our catalogue you will find the following models of glow balloons:

- LED balloons with button

- LED heart balloons

- LED Transparent balloons

- LED star balloons

- LED Kiss Me balloons

- LED Animal print balloons

- Cheap LED balloons

How LED Balloons work

Most of our LED balloons have an ON / OFF button on the top, with which you can control when they light up. Pressing it once will activate its fast blinking glow mode and pressing it a second time will turn it into slow blinking glow. With a third pressing you will get a fixed glow and, with the fourth and last, the total turning off of the LED light.

Others, as is the case of cheap LED balloons, have a tab that separates the batteries, which when removed, causes the LED balloon to light up and glow for approximately 12 hours.

Events with LED balloons

Balloons are part of the traditional decoration of parties. It is impossible to remember one in which balloons were missing. At Luminosos Fluorescentes we invite you to upgrade them, by including a special novelty: LED lights.

LED balloons are perfect for weddings or special celebrations, since you can inflate them with helium and leave them hanging in strategic places in the room.

They will look fantastic, both indoors and outdoors, tied to the Candy bar or to each guest’s chair. In this way the welcoming to the room where the party will take place will be very original. Another very original and fun option is to organize a balloon release at a special time of the celebration. The visual effect you will achieve will amaze all the guests and they will remember it for a long time.

Inflate the LED balloons with air or helium

Inflate the LED balloons with both conventional air and helium, by lung or with an inflator. If you want to opt for the latter, so that they float during the party, we recommend the Helium Kit Cylinder product. It consists of a helium cylinder and 30 latex balloons and white thread.

If you have already tried our LED balloons and you know that they work perfectly or if you are looking to add something to the decoration of your event, remember that in our catalogue we also have glow balloons that react to ultraviolet light.

Where to buy the LED balloons?

Make your order through the web and it will arrive in 24 hours for only € 6.99. Shipping costs are free for orders over € 50. Use this opportunity to purchase more glow products for your next event. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

Visit our physical store specialized in glow products and take the LED balloons without delay. It is the only one in all of Spain. We are located in Calle Galería de Robles 5, in Madrid. Our opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., without interruption.


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