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If you want to be the real star of the party, at Luminosos Fluorescentes we have everything you need. Thanks to our special effects machines you can create different vibes, surprise all the guests and make your event really unique.

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Confetti machines

Confetti cannot be missing at any party that is worthy. You can use either  manual or electric cannons to launch the confetti, but if what you are looking for is a much more spectacular result, confetti machines are the best choice. Thanks these, the confetti will reach up to 15 meters in height, like with the Big Blaster confetti machine, which is perfect for large events.

Another alternative is the Stadium Cannon confetti machine, which has a really high load capacity as well as a lot of power for the firing. Also, some machines are compatible with streamers, such as the Gun confetti machine. In this way you will be able to create the "spider web" effect in a much more visually striking way.

As for the type of confetti you should go for, choose the one that best suits your needs. Paper confetti has a slower fall due to its lighter weight, and metallic confetti falls faster but stands out more due to its sparkle. In our catalogue you will find the different models of confetti, from the classic paper confetti for weddings to the most original ones such as the metallic stars confetti.

Smoke Machines

With the smoke machines you will be able to create a more enveloping and mysterious vibe.  The Antari Z800II smoke machine is the perfect choice for smaller stages and is very easy to transport thanks to its size. If you are looking for a device with higher power, you can choose between the Antari Z1000II smoke machine or the Antari Ice 101 low smoke machine that achieves the smoke effect without using CO2. To initiate all these models of machines, we have everything you need, such as dense smoke or the essences liquid with which you can improve the smell left by the smoke.

Bubbles machines

Using a bubbles machine at your party is one of the best options, since people go crazy when they see the bubbles fall and the effect is really beautiful. We assure you that with the bubbles machine you will be able to liven up the party a lot, but if you want to create even more bubbles, we recommend the B200 bubbles machine.

In our website you will also find the Antari AF-3XR fan that is used to make smoke and bubbles disperse throughout the premises better. This fan will help you enhance the visual effects.

Cinema snow machines

The snow machine is perfect for shows, theaters, filming or Christmas parties. To generate a large amount, you can go for the PRO snow machine that is for professional use. However, you can also create the snow effect with the SW-250 snow machine that adapts to all kinds of situations since it has a handle and remote control.

CO2 machines

And if there is a visual effect that is essential on a dance floor, that is the megatron. To recreate that famous foggy environment you can use the CO2 gun. This pistol can be carried wherever you want and reaches a distance of six meters. If you want to impress the guests, the turbo CO2 machine is the most powerful one, perfect for large spaces. Designed to be placed in a fixed place, we have the CO2 JET machine with which, in addition, you can improve the visual effect achieved if you have several of these since you can coordinate when they all start creating fog. 

Where can I buy the machine I need?

Our physical store is located in Calle Galería de Robles, nº 5, in Madrid's Malasaña neighbourhood. We are open from 10 am to 7 pm, and at our store you will be able to check the quality of our products and receive advice by our professional team to throw the best party of the year.

If you prefer it, you can also buy our products through our website. Orders arrive in 24 hours to the entire Spanish peninsula, for only € 6.99, and if your order exceeds € 50, shipping costs will be totally free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.


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