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Smoke Machines Rental

In this section you will find a wide range of smoke machines to liven up your events with amazing special effects. Get the one that provides the effect you are looking for and cheer up your guests in the upcoming celebrations. Also find the different accessories for the correct use of these machines.

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Find a wide variety of smoke machines in our catalogue

You can rent the different models of smoke machines both from our physical store and through our website, these will adapt perfectly to all your parties, especially to large events. 

Thanks to the heating of the special smoke liquid, the machine expels it in the form of vapor and will be able to create a more or less dense cloud, depending on the liquid that has been used. 

You will also find the Antari Z1000II smoke machine, which has a number of additional advantages over the previous model. You can easily place it in a high area thanks to its weight and measurements, and its maintenance is easier as you can remove the core of the heater to clean it.

If you are looking for a slightly different effect, we recommend using the Antari ICE-101 smoke machine. With this machine, thanks to the FLR liquid and ice, you will be able to create smoke that stays really low in the room. It is not necessary to use CO2, since the smoke will be cooled by the ice and will fall due to its greater weight. Therefore, it will not produce any discomfort for the attendees.

And for a better dispersion of the smoke or any other special effect throughout the room, such as bubbles, do not hesitate to try our Antari AF-3XR fan. With it you will be able to create the atmosphere you are looking for for your party or even when filming.

Use the smoke machines in different events

Each one of them will offer you a different effect to liven up your celebrations. The Antari Z1000II, thanks to its low weight, it adapts perfectly to small spaces, such as nightclubs or small theatre stages.

And to create special effects for movies, video clips or commercials, use the Antari ICE-101 low smoke machine. If you don't use the ice, it will function as a fog machine and its effect will last approximately 12 hours.

How can I rent the different smoke machines?

If you want to rent any of the smoke machines or need additional information about any of the products which can be rented, fill out the following form with all the essential information and our team will contact you. Equipment rental will be carried out only nationally (within Spain) and it is necessary to make the request a few days before date you will need it so that everything is ready on time. Make your reservation and enjoy the smoke machines! Do not forget that in our catalogue you will also find other special effects machines.


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