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Bottle Sparklers

There are numerous special effects that you can use at your birthday parties, weddings or any other festive event. But this time we offer you an affordable product with a very visual effect: pastel sparklers. They should not be missing at any event! Discover the various models below.

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Characteristics and variety of sparklers for drink bottles

Pastel sparklers are a pyrotechnic element that produces an incredibly bright visual effect. All models have a size of approximately 12 cm and create a very similar effect, creating a golden light with beautiful stars. They are normally used at birthday parties, nightclubs and various events. In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of pastel sparklers for each moment, which differ in the duration of their effect and in their appearance.

White pastel sparklers

The white pastel sparklers last approximately 40 seconds and come in boxes of 12 units. As we said before, the effect will be similar in all models, the only thing that changes will be the appearance of the sparkler and its duration. In this case, it is a white sparkler with red stripes.

Golden pastel sparklers

The pastel gold sparklers come in boxes of 60 units. Choose between those of a duration of between 35 seconds or 60 seconds.

Black pastel sparklers

Unlike the previous ones, the black pastel sparklers have a different effect. The light it gives off will form little white stars. We sell them in a format of 10 boxes and in each box you will find 12 units. Their duration is 40 seconds.

Cheap pastel sparklers

In this case, we have more affordable pastel sparklers. They come in packs of 4 units, although the complete box includes 20 sparklers. You can choose them either with a white and or gold appearance and their duration is 60 seconds.

Pastel number sparklers

Especially designed for birthdays and anniversaries, we offer you the number cake sparklers. Their duration is 35 seconds and they come in packages of 12 units. Their amazing brightness will enliven any event.

Special pastel sparklers

And last but not least, the special pastel sparklers. In this case we have 4 different models: birthday, congratulations, hearts or question marks. Their duration is 35 seconds and they come in packages of 12 units. 

Other effects for your parties

Bottle sparklers are not the only ones you will find in our catalogue. We also have the essential classic sparklers or the innovative LED sparklers. But you will also find have a complete category of special effects for events, such as confetti machines or megatron guns, as well as innumerable glow and fluorescent products.

Where can I buy the pastel bottle sparklers?

Get this type of sparkler through our website and the order will arrive in 24 hours to anywhere in Spain. The costs are € 6.99, except for purchases that exceed € 50, for which you will enjoy free shipping costs. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.

If you want to see the product with your own eyes before buying it, visit our physical store in Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles nº 5. Our team will be happy to help you from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 7 pm. Don't wait any longer to get the pastel sparklers!


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