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UV Bulbs

Glow bulbs for bringing to life your Fluorescent Parties! Discover the different types of bulbs and effects and organise an unforgettable event. The low consumption UV bulbs will illuminate your paints and makeup and the mini LED bulbs will make different objects glow.

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Types of bulbs available

In the catalogue of Luminosos Fluorescentes we have added several types of bulbs so that you can light up your parties and celebrations. On one hand you will find the UV bulbs that will help you make certain types of paint and makeup glow, such as the UV fluorescent lipstick. And on the other hand, we have the mini LED bulbs with which you can illuminate your decorations or any object you want.

Energy saving UV bulbs

If you like Glow Parties but you thought that black light was out of your budget, here you will find the solution. In addition to having a really affordable price, they are of low consumption. So you will not exceed the electricity bill.

Choose between 20W or 40W bulbs. You will not need in any case a special support to use them. Simply removing the normal light bulb you have at home and changing it for our UV light bulb will be enough to illuminate your party with products that react to black light.

Mini LED bulbs

These mini LED bulbs are in many of our glow products, such as for example in our LED balloons. Now you can also buy them individually to illuminate any object you want. They are available in various colours: blue, red, white or multicolour. Batteries are included so you can use them from the moment you receive them.

When are the UV bulbs used?

Did you previously only use glow-in-the-dark products at your fluorescent parties? This will no longer be necessary. With the low consumption UV bulbs you will make your makeup, paints and other glow products shine brightly for hours. In addition, they will also have daily uses and not only serve to cheer up parties. UV light has the power to repel insects, which is great especially in summer when the number of mosquitoes increases.

With the mini LED bulbs you can create different decorative elements for your garden, your glow party or even create illumination when you go camping. 

Where can I buy UV bulbs?

From Luminosos Fluorescentes we ship in 24 hours for only € 6.99 to any part of Spain. Just make your order through our website and we will send it to you anywhere in Spain. Remember that for purchases over € 50, shipping costs are completely free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

Another way to save shipping costs is by visiting our physical store. You can come to buy the products or just to pick up an order. We are located in the centre of Madrid, in the well-known Malasaña neighbourhood.

Our opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, on working days. You will find us in Calle Galería de Robles, nº 5. Our team will offer you personalized attention and the necessary advice. Visit the only physical store in Spain specialized in glow and fluorescent products for parties!


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