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Fluorescent Powders

Make your own fluorescent paint in bulk or add a luminescent touch to any paint or resin. To do it in an easy way, you will find certain products in out catalogue that will help you. Read on to find out!

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Create luminous paint with photoluminescent pigments

If what you are looking for is a photoluminescent pigment to create different paints and resins that glow in the dark, you can find it in our website in a 250 gram format. This product does not have toxic, harmful or radiant components, but instead it is composed of strontium aluminum that offers a high light output.

You will find this product in various neon colours, such as pink, green or yellow, among others. 

How is it used?

Use the glow pigment on porcelain, cork, decoration, or for polishes and even to make road signs. This product is recharged with natural or electric light, and even with ultraviolet light, and then glows brightly in the dark.

Do not forget that you have very similar products in our website for other types of applications, such as the glow paint for surfaces or the glow paint spray

Create glow paint with fluorescent paint powders

But if what you want is to create a large amount of glow paint for your fluorescent parties, for paint battles or any other event with a lot of body paint, go for the fluorescent paint powders. With a bag of only 2 kilos you will get approximately 60 kilos of ultraviolet glow paint.

The colours that you will find in our catalogue of the paint powders are blue, red, pink, green, yellow and orange. 

How are they used?

Glow paint created from fluorescent powders will react by glowing brightly when in contact with ultraviolet light. If not, it will look like normal paint of neon colours. To get a more fluid paint, of about 60 litres, you must mix this amount of water with the 2 kilos of powder. Stir the mixture for about 15 minutes until you get a consistent dough. If, on the other hand, you want a more pasty paint, use only 25 kilos of water for the same amount of powder.

Where can neon paint powders be bought?

Come to our physical store. It is located in the centre of Madrid, specifically in Calle Galería de Robles, n.5. Our team will assist you and offer you all the necessary advice, from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 7 pm.

If you are sure about the amount of paint powders you need, make your order through our website. For only € 6.99 you will receive your order in 24 hours to any part of Spain. And if your purchase exceeds € 50, the shipping costs will be free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.

Another way to save shipping costs is by making the order through the web and coming personally to our physical store to pick it up. For other questions or information, please contact us.


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