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Luminous Fluorescent Pendants

The different models of the glow pendants are perfect to gift in glow parties, bars, nightclubs, or even to go to the countryside.

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Characteristics of the glow pendants

Why do we call them glow pendants? Because they are glow sticks in the shape of a pendant, and they include a string to hang it wherever you want. Fluorescent pendants or luminescent pendants work like the well-known glow bracelets, but these are larger and shine with much more intensity. From the moment the glow stick or pendant is activated, it will glow for more than 12 hours at maximum brightness. It can last even more than 12 hours, but with less intensity.

Different sizes and models of glow pendants

Find the fluorescent pendants available in different colours: red, green, yellow, blue, pink and orange. They are sold individually with a connector and a cord. Find various formats in our online and physical stores: 15x150mm luminous pendants, 10x100mm, 10x200mm or 12x110mm mini glow stick pendants, 15x150mm glow pendants with animal motifs or 5x3cm glow crucifix pendants.

Instructions of use of the glow pendants

When you want to start using your glow pendant, you simply have to fold the glow stick in half until you hear a click. Then you have to take one of the ends and shake the Glow Stick several times. This will cause the two inside to mix together in their entirety and ... Magic!, the glow stick will shine brightly.

Now you just have to add the string to your luminous pendant, which is included in the package, and enjoy!

Recommendations and suggestions

It is recommended to keep the Glow Stick in the original bag until use. In the case that the liquids inside the stick come into contact with your eyes or the skin, apply an abundant amount of water to the affected area to eliminate the substance completely. It is not advisable to expose the glow pendants to high temperatures for a long period of time, as they may damage or lose their luminous characteristics.

Events with glow pendants

Use the glow pendants in all kinds of celebrations, in discos and party rooms, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You can also take it to campings and use them as flashlights. This fluorescent item is specially designed for those times when you need to illuminate everything around you.

You will not need an extra product to enjoy the luminosity of the glow pendants. But if you want to illuminate your party even more, combine the different models of glow pendants with the glow bracelets. For outdoor lighting, glow torches will be the perfect addition.

Where can I buy the glow pendants?

The fluorescent pendants are available in our website and in our physical store. You will find the best quality at the best price. The order will arrive in 24 hours for only € 6.99. For orders over € 50 shipping costs are free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.

Visit our physical store in Malasaña, a neighborhood of Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles, 5, from 10 am to 7 pm. Get the glow pendants immediately and without shipping costs!


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