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Megatron Gun Rental

If you have decided to have the special effect of the Megatron Gun at your next event, at Luminosos Fluorescentes we offer you a very easy way to rent it. Complete the form that you will find in the page of each product and enjoy the best special effects. You will organise an out of the ordinary event, which will be remembered for a long time.

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Options for the rental of the Megatron gun

Simply put, the megatron effect refers to the dense, pressurized gas that is commonly released at nightclubs. A quantity of CO2 under pressure is stored inside the canister of the gun, which creates the megatron effect when it is expelled and it comes into contact with the humidity in the air.

In our catalogue you will find two different options to get the Megatron Gun and enjoy its effect at your events. 

Megatron Gun Rental

On one hand, you can rent the Megatron effect gun alone. It is a portable accessory, very easy to carry around and use. It must be connected to a CO2 cylinder in order to function.

With it you will be able to make shots between 5 and 6 meters. With a bottle, you can make approximately 30 shots of 3 seconds, although you can manage them as you wish.

Megatron Gun Rental with backpack 

On the other hand, we offer you a pack in which we include a backpack to make carrying the gun and the CO2 cylinder around even easier. You just have to wear it on your back and take these products anywhere.

Like the previous option, in this case the gun has a cylinder with which you can make about 30 shots of 3 seconds. We recommend that you make several shots so that the effect surprises your guests for a longer time. On the contrary, if a continuous shot is made, the contents of a cylinder could be consumed in about 15 - 20 seconds.

In what events is the Megatron Gun used?

This special effect is not designed for a specific event, although it is known to all because it is widely used in nightclubs in occasions when the theme or rhythm of the music is changed or when they want generate tension in the environment. 

Its spectacularity makes it perfectly suited to all kinds of parties and celebrations, from birthdays, weddings, nightclub parties, concerts to even for the recording of adverts and for theatre plays. 

Other special effects for your parties

Although the Megatron Gun provides an unmatchable effect, if you are looking for other types of special effects machines to surprise your guests, in our catalogue you can find the greatest variety. From confetti machines, to fire machines or even the rental of a LED Robot with a Megatron.

How to rent the Megatron Gun?

To carry out the Megatron Gun rental service, you must complete the form found in the page of each product and our team will contact you as soon as possible. Please make sure to contact us a few days in advance, so that we can carry out all the necessary steps in time.

Tell us as much information about your event as possible, so that we are able to offer you a personalized service. Do not forget that the rental of our equipment is only done nationally.


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