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Do you have a special effects machine, but are you missing some accessories? We recommend that you take a look at our varied catalog of accessories for special effects machines, here you can find what you need so that your machine works perfectly and you can enjoy it.

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Accessories for confetti machines

One of the quintessential special effects machines is the confetti machine, it will eject confetti of all colors and shapes, but it needs different accessories to work. For this reason, and to increase the convenience of its use and transport, we provide you with a series of accessories for confetti machines.
The Tap for the Confetti Blaster Machine is a must have on a Big Blaster Confetti Machine. This accessory is connected to the machine and also to the adjacent hose, thanks to it you can control the ejection of confetti with total comfort. Another very useful accessory is the rectangular carrying bag, thanks to which you can comfortably carry your confetti machine wherever you want. If you are going to transport it in more complicated conditions, you can use a rigid transport case, the confetti machine will be well protected there. Another essential accessory for the operation of a confetti machine is the compressor, we give you the possibility of buying the compressor of the Stadium Cannon, essential for its operation, it is ideal for any party, it has a weight of 17 kg and can be placed in various positions.

Accessories for smoke machines

Smoke machines need the use of liquid for their operation. At Luminosos Fluorescentes we give you the chance to buy different accessories for smoke machines.
We have 2 types of liquid for smoke machines. The first of them is the normal liquid FLN-5, this has a capacity of 5L, valid for any large or small smoke machine. If you prefer a denser smoke, you will simply have to get the FLG-5 dense smoke canister, compatible with all the machines that we have available in our catalogue. This type of smoke is used in film shootings, in product presentations, discos, weddings and any other type of festive event.
Another very important accessory is the essence liquid for smoke machines, which is used to give the smoke a good smell. It is available in the following scents: tropical, orange, apple, vanilla, lemon, lavender, strawberry, coconut and jasmine. It comes in 20 ml bottles, with this amount you will have a great effect for four 5L bottles of liquid. This liquid can be used in the following fog machines available in our catalog: the Antari Z800II fog machine, the Antari Z1000II fog machine and the Antari ICE-101 fog machine.

Accessories for snow machines

The operation of the snow machines needs a series of accessories that will make their operation better. One of the accessories for snow machines is the SL5 liquid, this is essential for the operation of the machine and to achieve the effect of snowflakes. It comes in 5L bottles. Another essential element for its transport is the Flightcase ACF-SW Mirrorball 50, with dimensions of 50 x 50 x 50 cm, perfect for transporting the snow machine.

Where to buy accessories for special effects machines?

Buying accessories for special effects machines is very simple, you can do it through our website, and also by going to our physical store located in the Malasaña neighborhood, on Calle Galería de Robles, Nº5. Our staff will assist you and answer any questions.


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