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LED technology is such a huge deal! Its implementation in neon signs has meant a great upgrade and a true revival of this trend. We are happy to offer you the best luminous products for your events and businesses and that's why we have a category of neon signs.

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What are generic neon signs?

In this category we bring you a wide variety of neon signs. Currently, through the change of materials and technology used, LED signs can be used both outdoors and indoors, as decoration, as space signage, business signs or entertainment events. They are available in different neon colors.
Using neon flex strips or LED strips when creating neon light signs has provided several advantages: you will save up to 70% energy, since their average consumption is much lower, the signs are far more resistant to impacts and much more flexible when it comes to designing them. They can be used indoors, as they do not produce glare or heat up the room temperature.

Variety of neon flex signs

Different models of neon signs are available, including those formed only by letters (forming words or phrases), neon light signs with different shapes of animals or objects, or a mix of both of the above. The models are very different depending on the theme of the event or the company where they will be used. Check out the most popular ones:
  • Neon signs for events: these signs are increasingly being used for the decoration and animation of events. They are also used as a visual element to surprise your guests. These neon signs will give you incredible photos as a souvenir. The most popular signs are those designed for weddings, birthdays or Christmas, with luminous signs featuring phrases such as "Better Together", "Love is in the Air" or "Happy Birthday".
  • Neon signs for business: these are generic signs designed for certain businesses, such as a hamburger or pizza sign for restaurants or a glass or mug of beer for bars. You can also find a video game controller for video game stores or words like "Tattoo" or "Open".
  • Neon signs for home decoration: these signs will add a special touch to your home or they may even be used to signpost a special area of the house, such as a relaxation area or a playroom. You can choose from neon signs with positive phrases such as "Today is a Good Day", "Good Vibes Only" or go for objects. 

Where to buy generic neon signs?

Visit our local store in Madrid, Galería de Robles No. 5. We are open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm.
You can also place your order through our website and we will deliver it anywhere in Spain. For further questions, please contact our team via email, phone call, Whatsapp, or through our social media networks. Don't wait any longer and get the generic neon signs!


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