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Cheap Sparklers for Parties

There is a broad variety of sparklers on the market, but classic sparklers will always be part of the most intimate holidays. With their little sparks they will steal the heart of any guest. Don't wait any longer and get the different models of classic sparklers from Luminosos Fluorescentes!

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Availability and variety of classic sparklers

To organise the dream event and impress all your guests, we offer you different models of classic sparklers. You will find sparklers which differ in their duration, their size, their effect or even their shape.

Cheap classic sparklers

The cheap classic sparklers are available in two different sizes: the normal one, of 17 cm and with a duration of approximately 35", and the large normal sparkler, with a size of 30 cm and a duration of about 60". This type of product creates small yellow stars when it lights up. Each pack includes 10 sparklers.

Colourful classic sparklers

These are the classic sparklers, made up of a wire which is smeared with a paste of iron powder, potassium nitrate and dextrin, which when lit creates a luminous effect in the form of colour sparks. The lights they give off will be yellow, red, green and blue, within the same sparkler. Its size is 17 cm and its approximate length is 35”.

Classic three-colour sparklers

As with the rest of the models, the classic three-colour sparklers will generqte a luminous effect in the form of small stars when they light up. In this case, the colour of the stars will change colour, going through white, red and green. The size of the sparkler is 47 cm and its duration is 65”.

Classic number sparklers

Unlike the other models, the classic number sparklers are not shaped like a long stick, but are shaped like numbers. Choose the number you want, from 0 to 9, and light up your cakes, your anniversaries and your events. The approximate size of these sparklers is 17 cm and their duration will be between 30 and 35 seconds.

Other models of sparklers

We all know that sparklers are a guaranteed success at parties and events. Their intense and warm light will provide an amazing effect. In addition to the models mentioned above, in our catalogue you will also find pastel sparklers or LED sparklers.

Where can I buy the different models of classic sparklers?

The best way to get the classic sparklers is to visit our physical store in Madrid, the only one specialized in glow products for parties. We are located in the Malasaña neighbourhood, in Calle Galería de Robles, nº 5. Come from Monday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Our team will solve all your doubts.

If you prefer it, you can also make orders through our website and we will send them to any part of Spain for only € 6.99. Shipping costs are free for purchases over € 50. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. Don't wait any longer and get the best glow products for parties in Spain.


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