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Official Beer Pong League Table

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Beer Pong table officially approved for the Beer Pong league, which has the official measures and is also foldable and easy to carry around, since it is made of aluminium and wood veneer. Lets play Beer Pong!


Characteristics of Beer Pong

The Beer Pong game is originally from the USA. Millions of young people play this fun and addictive game with their friends. To play you need a Beer Pong table, 14 Beer Pong cups if you play one against one or 22 glasses if you play in pairs, at least one Beer Pong ball, and a drink. You have to fill the glasses with the drink of your choice halfway and place these in a triangle. The game consists of getting the Beer Pong ball into your opponent's glasses from the opposite side of the table. When you get the ball into one of the glasses, your opponent has to drink the liquid inside the glass and remove the glass from the table. The winner is the player or team who first gets the ball into all the Beer Pong glasses of his opponent.

Characteristics of the Beer Pong league official table

The Beer Pong league official table has specific measurements, if you are looking for a table to play the beer game with friends, it is better to do it with a table like those used in the leagues of USA. You have to be very careful, not all of them are original Beer Pong tables. An official beer pong table measures 240 x 60 x 70 cm. In Luminosos Fluorescentes we are the suppliers of the Beer Pong league and we have the largest catalogue in Spain of beer game tables. 

Where can I buy a Beer Pong table. The official ones. 

You can buy Beer Pong tables from our store in Madrid, right away. If your order exceeds € 50, shipping costs are free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.

We have 6 different models of tables. 2 of these tables also incorporate LED lights, which are great for playing drinking games at night with friends. In addition to the Beer Pong game tables, you will also find the Beer Pong glasses and the Beer Pong balls that are used for the game.

You can also come to our physical store in Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles, 5. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Amaze your friends when they arrive at your party and they see that you have organized the Beer Pong game for them. With it, fun is guaranteed.

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