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Choose the colour, the quantity and buy your colour holi powders at the best price. This individual format is perfect for different events with Holi Powder. Feel free to grab several bags per person to add to the fun.

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Enjoy a party of colours as if you were in India. The holi powders are fluorescent powders that will dye your party of colour in a totally safe way. 

Just shake your bag, open it and throw into the air to enjoy an authentic Holi Party

The colour Holi powders are fully certified and are anti-allergic, biodegradable, and respectful with the environment.  

We are now going to answer the most frequently asked questions about these colour powders, so that you have no doubts and you can fully enjoy your Holi parties. 

What are the Holi powders? 

The colour Holi Powders are originated in India, where Holi festivals have been celebrated for years, coinciding with the beginning of spring. They are becoming increasingly known in the world because of the Holi Run or the Holi Festival of Colours. Our Holi powders are 100% natural, they are made out of corn flour and food colouring, and therefore they are completely harmless to humans. 


Are the colour powders dangerous, toxic or explosive? 

Our Holi powders are made only with natural components and are 100% safe both for people and for the environment. We have certificates which serve as a proof of this. If you have respiratory problems, it is recommended to use a mask, as the particles of the powders are extremely fine. 


What can I do with the Holi Powders?  

Have fun throwing them into the air, to your friends and companions… You can also mix them with a bit of water and create colour paints in fluorescent colours. In short, having fun is what you can do with our colour holi powders. 


What do I wear? Will the Holi powder stain my clothes? 

Although there should not be any problems when cleaning your clothes, we recommend that you do not wear your best items. Leave the delicate items at home. How well they are washed will depend a lot on the washing machine, the detergent and whether or not the product is totally natural. Our Holi Powders are 100% natural, made out of components such as corn flour and food colourings. Because of this, staining your clothes with our Holi Powders is very similar to doing it with natural tomato. If you do not want to risk staining your best clothes and you think that the Holi Powders will ruin your favourite clothes after a couple of washing sessions, then wear clothes that are more used or worn. This will always be the best decision. It is the same for your footwear. Do not wear your best footwear to a Holi Party, as the key is to enjoy with freedom and without worries the Party with Holi Powders. Think that the meaning of these Holi Parties is to get covered by colours. To avoid this would be complete madness, so we recommend you to use white cotton clothing, because white clothes will make the colours from the holi powders to stand out the most. 


What will happen to my hair with the Holi Powders? 

The powders can be cleaned easily in most cases. However, for those with blonde dyed hair, if the hair is damaged it is possible that the small particles of the powder become stuck in the damaged areas of the hair. We recommend you to wash your hair with an intense cleaning shampoo and to condition it with olive oil or a good quality conditioner. 


What amount of powder do I need for my event? 

The format of the Holi powder bags is of 100 grams. We recommend at least 2 or 3 bags of colour holi powders, although the ideal would be at least 5 bags of holi powders per person. The ideal situation is to have plenty of Holi Powder bags in order to have an authentic colour festival. You can also combine these bags with other formats, like for example the Holi Powder pots or the Holi Powder cannons


How to make Holi Powders? 

A lot of people wonder how they can create their own Holi Powders for parties at home. We are going to tell you how, but we ensure you that it will be better if you buy them. 

 Ingredients to make colour Holi powders:

a) Corn flour.

b) Water.

c) Food colouring. 

Grab a cup or a bowl and then pour plenty of corn starch into the cup or bowl. Then add a few drops of artificial food colouring of your favourite colour. Then all you have to do is beat the mixture whilst pouring water until we see the mixture has dissolved. 

We continue to add water to the corn flour and some drops of colouring powder and we will see that it starts to look good. We continue to dissolve it so that it gets ready for our party. Note that the water will have to be added carefully so that the mixture does not end being too liquid, it has to be thick but evenly distributed and without lumps. 

Now you know how to make Holi Powders but, is it worth all that time invested taking into account the cheap prices of the Party Holi Powders? Our Holi Powders are biodegradable, ecological, serotoxic and with a great price and even better appearance. They are the best to organise your Holi Party. 

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