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Fluorescent Bracelets for Children

The glow fluorescent bracelets for children are the traditional fluorescent bracelets, but a bit smaller. They are specifically designed for the youngest of the family, preventing them from losing them if they escape from their wrist when they are having a great time.

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Characteristics of the glow bracelets

Luminosos Fluorescentes works with the most luminous products of the market, which is why all the fluorescent bracelets you can buy from us are of premium quality. They are not toxic or inflammable, and are therefore suitable for everyone. Enjoy their maximum luminosity during more than 12 hours, without the need of batteries or other external power source. They can be used both in interiors and exteriors with the same incredible result.

They can also be used under water! This means that they are perfect for really original swims or for surprising summer parties in swimming pools.

Types of fluorescent bracelets for children

If you wish to buy fluorescent bracelets for children, you can choose between the glow bracelets or the butterfly glow bracelets. Both adapt to the children’s size so that they can enjoy without worrying about the bracelet escaping their wrists.

The only difference between the two is that the butterfly fluorescent bracelets have a very original butterfly-shaped clasp.

How do the glow bracelets work?

When you would like to start assembling the glow bracelet, you just have to fold the bars in half until you hear a click. Then you have to pick the bars from one end and shake them several times until the two mixtures in their interior get combined. Once this happens, and they begin to shine brightly, you only have to introduce the two ends of the bars into the holes of the connector.

It is very easy to assemble the glow bracelets for children, so they can also participate in the construction of the fluorescent bracelets. We always recommend that this task forms part of the process of the party. They love it!

Recommendations and suggestions

It is recommended to keep the original packaging until they are used. The glow bracelets, like the other products in the glow stick family, are really delicate and come become activated by dropping them down or handling them too roughly. If this happens, the time of illumination starts in that moment and, therefore, they will last les later on in the glow parties.

Events with glow fluorescent bracelets for children

The fluorescent bracelets for children are one of the most used accessories in fluorescent parties. They are perfect to use them in child parties, birthday parties and any other type of event in which the youngest ones are the centre of attention. These fluorescent bracelets can be the perfect accessory to achieve a different and really original enjoyment.

Plan a special fluorescent party for your children in which you can combine the glow bracelets with other fluorescent products of our catalogue, such as the fluorescent paints or the glow headbands. To enjoy the luminous effects of the fluorescent bracelets it is best to throw the party in interior spaces with low lighting or outdoors when the sun has disappeared completely.

Buy the glow fluorescent bracelets for children

Get the fluorescent bracelets for children through our website, from any part of Spain at a price of 6.99 € with a 24h arrival. For orders which exceed 150 €, the shipping costs are free. (Click here to check the worldwide shipping information).

You can also visit our physical store in Madrid, in calle Galería de Robles no 5. You will be able to see and buy our glow fluorescent bracelets instantly in the only store specialised in luminous products in Spain.


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