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Glow Whistles

When we were little we all used to have our own whistle. Don't you miss it? In Luminosos Fluorescentes we like to make a difference and that is why we bring you the glow whistles.

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Characteristics of the glow whistles

It is a whistle similar to the usual one, but in a glow format.

Buy our fluorescent glow whistles in the size is 15cm x 1.5cm, or the mini glow whistles, with a size of 6 x 90mm. They are available in different colours, to choose between yellow, green, orange, blue, pink and red.

Pick your favorite or get them all for a more colorful glow party.

The mini whistles are sold in packs of 5 units of the same colour. When you get tired of their sound, you can use them as a lighting accessory or for decoration.

Instructions of use of the glow whistles

To activate the whistle, simply bend it until it begins to light up and shake it vigorously until the glowing spreads along the entire glow stick. Mixing the two liquids inside the glow whistle is what causes the intense shine.

The approximate glowing duration is 12 hours at a maximum intensity, although it can last up to 72 hours, but with at a lower intensity. Finally, you can add the string that you will find in the envelope and hang it around your neck.

Recommendations and suggestions

Do not leave the luminous whistles in high temperatures for a long time. They could become damaged or partially lose their fluorescent qualities. It is advisable to keep the product in its original container until use, to avoid deterioration.

When using them, keep in mind that they can break if you apply more force than necessary. If the liquid inside comes into contact with your eyes or mouth, clean the area with plenty of water. Although it is not toxic, it will be better to remove it completely.

Events with the glow whistles

All our glow whistles fulfill a double function: to illuminate and to produce sound. Use them in your celebrations, such as children's birthdays, campings or even mobilizations that take place at night. Do not forget to combine the whistles with other products in our catalogue, to achieve a greater light effect. The glow bracelets or glow glasses will be the perfect complement to this accessory.


Where can I buy the glow whistles

Discover the different models of glow whistles in our store and take them with you right away! Visit the physical store in Madrid and save the shipping costs. We are in Calle Galería de Robles, n.5, from 10 am to 7 pm. Our products are of a premium quality and the cheapest in the national market.

You can place your order of glow whistles through our website from anywhere in Spain. Order it today and you will have it tomorrow! Fast shipments in 24 hours, for only € 6.99.

Use this opportunity to get more glow products, as when exceeding € 50 the shipping costs are completely free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 


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