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Snow Machines Rental

One of the most beautiful special effects is the one that is achieved with the snow machines. With them you can simulate this meteorological phenomenon and the guests will be fascinated.

Thanks to this type of device, you will be able to create snow whatever the season, and whether it is for a Christmas party, a commercial, a shooting or a theatre performance. To generate a large amount of snow, we advise you to get the PRO snow machine, since it is for professional use.

Characteristics of the snow machines

If you are looking to imitate a real snowfall, the PRO snow machine is the best one for this. It is a silent model that, in addition, does not need a water input so its installation is very simple. It is great for large spaces or if what you need is to generate large amounts of snow.

It also has a regulating key that allows you to choose the size of the snowflake, smaller or thicker, as you prefer. The flow of this machine is 65 m3 per minute, and the snow can reach distances of between 8 and 10 meters. The device weighs 20 kg and includes a professional tripod so it can be placed wherever you want it.

The snow does not stain and it evaporates on its own, so renting a snow machine is the perfect option for the guests to enjoy a carefree party. Everyone will experience it with such authenticity that they will believe that they are under real snow.

Other special effects

If you want your party to be out of the ordinary, at Luminosos Fluorescentes we have everything you need to make your wish come true. You can combine the snow with other special effects and leave everyone speechless.

Without a doubt, the stars of our extensive catalogue are the LED robots. Renting a LED robot is the perfect alternative if you want to include a unique performance. Our staff are highly qualified to wear suspension stilts and wear a futuristic-style suit that has over 300 LED bulbs.

If you think this is not enough for you, then you can also get the LED megatron robot. Everyone will be talking about your party after they see robots moving around the dance floor and encouraging everyone to dance between shots of C02.

On the other hand, you also have confetti machines at your disposal. There is nothing like a rain of colours that falls from a great height to hype everyone up. With the smoke machines you can create another totally different environment.

Fill in the form to rent the snow machine

If you have decided to get this device, leave us your information through the form that we provide below and we will contact you to organise everything. 

We are the only store specialized in glow products in all of Spain. We are located at Calle Galería de Robles, nº 5, between the Bilbao and San Bernardo metro stations. Our opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. There you will be able to check the premium quality of our products and we will be happy to help you organize the best party of the year.


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