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Accessories for Smoke Machines

In the catalogue of Luminosos Fluorescentes, in addition to the different smoke machines available, you will find different accessories for these products. Each of them has a different functionality. Discover their characteristics and take your events to the next level!

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What accessories for smoke machines are in our catalogue?

Both in our website and in our physical store you will find the information you need about the different accessories available for smoke machines. Here, we provide you a list with the different accessories and a small description.

Liquid Smoke FLN 5

It is a liquid for smoke machines with which you will get a smoke of normal density. This product has a total of 5 litres of content. This amount is usually enough for both small and large machines, but depending on the consumption of each one, it will always be better to have an extra bottle.

Smoke liquid FLG 5

This is a liquid for smoke machines with which a smoke of a thicker density will be obtained. As in the previous case, this product has 5 litres of content. It is also compatible with all devices that perform this special effect.

Essences Liquid

With this product you will be able to add a fragrance to the smoke generated. It is available in 20 ml bottles that can be added to 4 smoke liquid bottles of 5 litres. In our catalogue you will find different scents: orange, apple, lavender, tuttifrutti, lemon, banana, mint, etc.

Flightcase ACF-SW Mirrorball 50

If you want to carry around your smoke machines in a safer way, then this is accessory for you. This product belongs to the range of transport boxes ideal for carrying all kinds of accessories in a more comfortable and safe way. The Flightcase is a robust case, 7mm thick. Take into account the measurements of its interior, which are 50 x 50 x 50 centimetres for use.

What other special effects are available for events?

From Luminosos Fluorescentes we recommend you to discover the different special effect machines available in our catalogue. Each model will provide you with a unique and entertaining visual result.

Starting with confetti machines, bubbles machines, and even snow machines. Choose the one that provides the effect you are looking for for your next event.

Where can I buy the accessories for the smoke machines?

We have a physical store in the centre of Madrid, where you can come to see our products and also pick up your orders yourself to save shipping costs. You will find us from Monday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., at Calle Galería de Robles, 5.

If you make your order through our website, we will send it to anywhere in Spain within 24 hours, for only € 6.99. Remember that for purchases over € 50, shipping costs are free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. For more information, get in touch with our team.


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