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Antari Z1000II Smoke Machine

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If you want to organize parties or events and surprise everyone, the Antari Z1000II smoke machine is perfect to create a more enveloping environment and surprise everyone at the most unexpected moment. 



The Antari Z1000II smoke machine is the perfect option whether you are going to hold a large event, or if you have thought about organising a private party. It is very versatile as it adapts to all types of spaces.

This device works thanks to a heater with which an air current is created and in this way the smoke is produced. This model is one of the most accessible ones since it is equipped with an ECO thermal control system, this makes its maintenance to be simple and allows you to easily clean it. Thus, its working duration will be longer. The Antari Z1000II smoke machine is made up of a 1.7 litre device and consumes around 72 ml per minute. It also has a timer and a remote control included. 

At Luminosos Fluorescentes we have several models of smoke machines so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Antari Z1000 II is one of the most appropriate due to its more manageable format. It weighs 6.6 kg and measures 433 x 198 x 214 millimeters, so it can be transported and it adapts to spaces of different widths.

What do I need to initiate the Antari Z1000II?

To achieve the desired effect, you will have to use a special liquid. With the FLN-5 smoke liquid the density of the smoke will be normal, and it includes a total of five litres. On the other hand, we have the FLG-5 smoke liquid with which the density of the smoke achieved is denser. Thanks to its use you will achieve a visual effect that is much more intense.

If you want the scent that comes off to be more exclusive, you can add to the previous two liquids the liquid essences that are available in different fruity fragrances: orange, apple, lemon, tuttifrutti, banana, mint and lavender. Thus, the result will be more pleasant for the audience.

For those who seek to further enhance the effect of the smoke machines, we have the Antari AF-3XR Fan in our catalogue, which will help to disperse the smoke better and reach every corner. 

Advantages of using smoke machines 

If you want to organize the best parties, the smoke machines that you will find in Luminosos Fluorescentes will help you create a special effect that is extremely enveloping and immersive. Creating smoke at any event will help you create a magical atmosphere. The guests will love dancing in the smoke and will enjoy a unique night with their friends.

Also, as the Antari Z1000II smoke machine is very easy to carry around and adapts to all types of spaces, this device is also suitable for smaller events or private parties. However, smoke machines aren't just for parties. You can use them for filming and shooting, in plays, concerts, festivals... The effect it creates is very attractive and it helps to create very different atmospheres.

Other special effects 

So that you can become a specialist in special effects, we have prepared for you other devices with which you will be able to take your party to the next level.  

One of guests’ favourites are the confetti machines. Thanks to these devices, such as the Big Blaster confetti machine, the consumable will be launched at a higher height and everyone will become part of that rain of colours. On the other hand, bubbles machines will help you create an environment full of fantasy that everyone will want to take pictures of.

The LED robot rental will also fascinate all your guests. Our staff wear a special futuristic-style costume with more than 300 LED bulbs. Thanks to the use of suspension stilts, the robots can measure more than 2.5 meters and create a unique and surprising show.

Where can I buy smoke machines?

You can buy the Antari Z1000II smoke machine through our website but, if you prefer it, our physical store is the perfect place for you to check the quality of our products and receive personalized attention. 

We are situated in the heart of Madrid, in Calle Galería de Robles, 5, and our opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. Another option is to book an appointment with us at any other time. We will be delighted to welcome you! In addition, we have a broad catalogue of glow products for all types of parties and events and we have the best prices on the market.

If you need additional information or want us to give you advice, you can contact us by calling or sending a WhatsApp to 678 992 464. In addition, you can follow us on our social networks to not miss any updates. 

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