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Ecological Rice Paper Streamer Cannon

For environmental activists and for all of those who want to enjoy streamers at outdoor events, Luminosos Fluorescentes brings you manual cannons of ecological streamers. Enjoy them without damaging the environment.

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Models of eco-friendly streamers launchers

The star product that we offer you in this occasion has a size of 60 cm in length. It has a load of ecological streamers made with rice paper inside. This makes them 100% biodegradable. In contact with water, they will dissolve almost instantly. Therefore, we believe that it is the perfect solution to be able to enjoy streamers in all outdoor celebrations, without damaging our environment. The only colour available for the streamers is white.

How to use the eco-friendly streamers manual cannons?

As it could not be otherwise because they are manual launchers, as in the case of manual confetti cannons you will not need additional electrical elements to make them work. You can operate them with your own hands.

At the top of the cannon you will find the load of ecological streamers and at the bottom or base is the compressed air load that will launch the streamers to several meters high. To initiate the launcher, hold the top firmly with one hand and rotate its base with the other.

You must take certain precautions when using it to avoid possible damage and injuries. Do not rest it on any part of your body, as it will have a rebound effect. Also, do not directly aim at anyone, as the streamers will come out with force. And to obtain its best performance, do not expose it to high temperatures or make holes along it.

At what events are ecological streamers launchers used?

These launchers can be used in all kinds of events, both inside venues and outdoors. Its ideal use, as the streamers are ecological, is to use it in outdoor spaces in contact with nature. It is a product that allows you to enjoy its visual effects in this type of environment without affecting the nature that surrounds us.

In addition, it is a consumable with a very light weight that will therefore create effects that are more long-lasting. When launched, the streamers will stay longer in the air than metallic streamers. Use them to liven up your birthdays, weddings, communions, private parties and many other celebrations. Remember that in our catalogue you can also find the ecological rice paper confetti.

When making the launch, opt for a horizontal or diagonal orientation of the launcher, for a more incredible effect. With this cannon the streamers will be able to reach up to 7 meters.

Where can I buy manual cannons of ecological streamers?

Save the shipping costs! Come to our physical store in Madrid and get the ecological streamers manual cannons right away. We are located in Calle Galería de Robles, 5. Our opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm, uninterruptedly, from Monday to Friday on working days. The closest subways are the Bilbao and San Bernardo stations.

If you prefer it, you can order them through our website and we will send it to you in 24 hours to any part of Spain for € 6.99. On purchases over € 50, shipping costs will be free. Click here to check worldwide shipping information.


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