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Cheap Streamers for Parties

From Luminosos Fluorescentes we want to do everything possible to make your party unique but also so that you end up noticing the savings in your pocket. If you are going to carry out an event and you want to cheer it up without spending a huge amount on it, we have affordable streamers that will help you give that touch of colour and joy you need.

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Characteristics of affordable streamers

So that the decoration of your party does not cost you a ridiculous amount, we offer you two products with which you can celebrate any special occasion without worrying about your wallet. 

The first one is the 20 paper streamers savings pack, with which for a reasonable price you will have up to 20 rolls of these colour paper strips. This package includes streamers in assorted colours and you can choose their size, either 3 meters by 0.70 cm or 4 meters by 1 cm. We are talking about the most classic streamers that can be used to celebrate any occasion: Carnival, Christmas, a birthday or a goodbye party, for example.

The streamers are very easy to use, you just have to throw them with your hands or by blowing through them. With this simple gesture you can give a magic touch to a special moment and surprise your guests. An idea to use the streamers is to hang them from the ceiling to decorate or create a curtain for photoshoots, your guests will have an amazing time taking photos and creating memories.

The 20 streamers savings pack, like all our products, has the necessary certificates for their use and distribution and, in addition, the streamers are colourfast so you can use them without any fear of damaging your clothes or the place where the celebration takes place. 

Another product that we have that will help you save money is the streamers spray. It is a very handy product, since the streamers with foamy texture come shooting out  instantly and their content is equivalent to a streamer 30 meters long, so with several cans you will have enough for a while. You can choose this spray in four different colours: blue, green, yellow or red.

Like the rest of the products, this type of streamer does not stain or fade. You can use it at any family gathering, with friends or for more special moments such as a new year celebration.

You will no longer have excuses for not creating a festive atmosphere at an event, as at Luminosos Fluorescentes we want you to have a great time and at a reasonable price. If you want to add another type of material, in our catalogue you will find paper streamers and metallic streamers that you can launch with cannons so that they reach a height of up to 9 meters and create a “spider web” effect that will dazzle everyone. Confetti or glow products are other essentials to make your party unique.

Where can I buy cheap streamers?

Luminosos Fluorescentes has a physical store so that you can check the premium quality of our products and ask for advice in person. We are located in the heart of the Malasaña neighbourhood, in Calle Galería de Robles, nº5 and our opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. If you are not in Madrid or you prefer to buy online, you can also do it through our website and you will receive your order in 24 hours to any part of Spain. Click here to check worldwide shipping information. 

If you need more information or want us to advise you, you can reach us by calling 678 992 464 or sending an email to


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